STORY: RAPE [Episode 9]


Rape Episode 9

He gabbed my hand and pulled me back to the ground then he --Crying--, I don't think I have the mind to say this --crying-- he RA...PED ME.......(crying more and more).

That was my first time of being raped --I now fully understand how blessing felt when she was raped--. I hate men, I hate that stupid man that calls himself my mum's husband, God will punish him for what he did to me, I never imagined that such a man could do what he did to me --crying--.

After he RA...PED me --crying--, I felt so empty and lost, I felt like a useless living soul, I felt dishonored, I felt like a used cloth, I felt like the worst human on earth, I felt like an object that could be used anyhow (God!).

That day was a living hell for me, I laid on the floor crying and crying, I cried for hours (2 hours), the tears in my eyes dried up but I still cried internally, my heart was crying with pain and anger, my soul was bleeding and my mind was scattered.

I managed to pick myself up and was about entering my room when I saw him coming again, I used my last strength too open my room door go in and locked it (I am sure he was going to the parlour to clean his evil doing off the ground and air), I fell on the bed and continued crying and crying.

My mum, Ruth and Blessing came back by 6pm and by that time I was already sleeping, Blessing came to my room --it is not completely my room because I and Blessing share the same room, but I just like calling it my room--. She knocked so hard which made me jumped out of my sweet dream (me and my dad playing and singing songs), I woke up feeling sad because I thought the dream was real, coming back to reality to face my pains were really really hard for me (a child of 10years old).

I stood up and went to open the door, I opened it and went back straight to bed, Blessing came in and she started telling me everything that happened in the hair saloon, but everything that Blessing said to me were like wind blowing pass my ears, I couldn't pay attention to her, I was lost in thoughts and I couldn't hold on to the pain any more.

I started crying again, Blessing was surprise to see me cry, so she went to call Ruth and my mum.

When they came, they started asking me questions, I couldn't answer them because I was afraid, I just kept on crying and crying, my mum got angry and insisted that I told her why I was crying, I was about to talk about what happened but that so called idiot who called himself my step dad came into my room.

When I saw him fear took over me, I was totally afraid and i wanted to run away from my room because he was there, I just stylishly told my mum that I was told that one of my friends in my school dead of motor accident, my mum looked at me and said "sorry", Ruth said "so this is how life is" and Blessing steered at me like I was some cartoon while my step dad just said "sorry dear" but his eyes where looking into mine with a warning of "do not say anything about what happened or else", I just looked down and cleaned my eyes.

Days, weeks and months went very fast (I always kept avoiding that stupid man), anytime I'm alone with him, I usually go out or lock myself up in my room until someone comes back home, from time to time he would try to get me alone in his room or in my room but all his plans ended up failing. I never found the courage to tell my mum what happened to me..........

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