STORY: RAPE [Episode 5]

Rape Episode 5

That same night something happened when I and my little sis was sleeping, the time was 12:38 when my little sister started saying "leave me alone, leave me alone" i was in a deep sleep but i could hear her saying it.

I quickly jumped out of sleep and i saw her shaking with her hands fighting the air, i tried to wake her up but she did not answer me so i called her name but yet she didn't answer.

I began to cry as i called her name once more, i tried to hold her but I ended up getting a slap on my cheek and a mark on my face so I left her as i went to stand at the corner of my room crying.

My dad came to my room to find out what was happening to me and my little sister because I shouted my little sister's name very loud and cried loud. My dad came into my room then he saw me standing and crying, he saw my little sis reaction then he said "Esther why were you shouting your sister's name and why are you standing there and crying? what is that mark on your face? and what is wrong with BLESSING (my junior sister's name is BLESSING, I should have told you guys that a long time ago)".

I just told him that i don't know and I told him that the mark on my face occurred when I was trying to wake Blessing up (I lied, I knew what blessing was going through but I couldn't tell him the truth about what happened to Blessing because I was afraid).

My dad called her name but she didn't answer --I am sure that Ruth (oh yea my evil elder sister's name is Ruth and she was seventeen at that time) was hearing all what was going on but she don't care whether we were ok or not-- then my dad tapped breeding and she finally woke up.

When I saw that Blessing has woken up, I was relaxed and settled then i cleaned the tears off my eyes.

My dad asked her "Blessing what is it? why were you saying 'leave me,leave me'". She replied him "daddy daddy one man was fighting me and i was trying to run".

I knew who the man was and I knew what she was fighting for but I could not open up to my dad --If only (wishing) i had opened up to my dad that day by now Blessing's life won't be as bad as it was about to become--.

My dad said "sorry dear it was just a nightmare there is no need for you to be afraid, i am here now and I am with you dear". My dad stayed with us until the morning.

That Saturday morning my dad was not suppose to goto work but his boss called him to come, he wasn't happy to leave us but he couldn't tell his boss no, he left for work without telling I and my little sister.

I woke up by 7:45am and Blessing was still sleeping, I went to my dad's room but couldn't find him there so I asked Ruth and she told me that he left for work. When I heard what she said I was unhappy because all my plans were destroyed, I just went back straight to my room and laid on my bed.

Later in the afternoon one of my friends came visiting with her sister, her name was faith and she was my best friend.

I was so happy to see them, after hours of staying they told me that they are leaving so I said to them "ok let me see you guys off".

I left home leaving Blessing and Ruth at home, after 30mins I came back home but I could not find Ruth.

When I got to my room I saw the landlord's seconds son Wilson on top of blessing (the landlord had two sons and two daughters, their names were James he was 19-20yrs, Wilson 17yrs, mercy 15yrs and Doris who was the same age as me).

As soon as I saw him on top of Blessing I screamed, he turn and saw me then he quickly came after me, i was about to run when he caught me and threw me on the bed........................... be continue.

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