STORY: RAPE [Episode 1]

 Rape Episode 1

(crying) My name is a shame to me ✊, this world is such a bad place to stay, life is useless, life should had been destroyed by God, we human beings should never had been made, all men are evil, all men are demons, I wish God destroy all of them (ah God you left me when I needed you to save me), I wish for all men to die in pain, i wish the world was without men.😁

They are the root of evil, they are liars, they cheat, they kill and destroy, they are the best definition of the devil, evil rules in their hearts, they are so deadly, they are home breakers, life will be very good without them, they are useless---crying.✌

If you know what they did to me and my little sister---crying harder---you will hate them, you will curse them, you will stand against them, you will wish you never gave birth to them, they should all be hanged, their bodies should be dragged on the ground, pain should be what they face every single seconds of their miserable lives.😉

I, I, I, I, I hate human nature because they always turn their backs on you, even your own family, your own so called trusted family will turn their backs on you, they will treat you like a prostitute, even the last person on earth that you think will stand by you and protect you that same person will use you as a s** toy, even my own sis.....(crying).

My name is Esther and my story might not change your life or make you feel sorry for me but surely it will make you see the evil that lies in the wicked world of man be continue

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