STORY: RAPE [Episode 2]

Rape Episode 2

My home wasn't like every other person's home; we were five in our home (my dad, mum, elder sister, me and my little sister), I have always wished for an elder brother or a little brother but that never happened (if I had an elder brother I am sure what happened to me won't have happened). We leaved in a compound filled with boys which made me a little bit of a boy.

My mum was always busy with her job and my dad was busy too but he always saves time for me and my little sis. He loved me and my younger sister so much; he took us out, buys us alot of things and stuff (I miss those times). As time went on my dad and mum started fighting and fighting, my dad was fighting so that my mum could give us attention but my mum never understood or cared (and that lead to me and my sis nightmare---crying).

They both ended up separating after years of being together and so did the good and wonderful memories I had of them together.

My mum after months of separation from my dad got married to another man, i and my younger sister never went to their wedding but my elder sister went. I never liked the man, he was not even more handsome than my dad and he doesn't even look as tall as my dad.

After the wedding my elder sis went to leave with them while I and my little sister stayed with my dad. My dad always told us about the world and the lovely things in it, he even told us about his mum and dad (I never had the chance to see them but everytime I think of them and wish they were with me when life was hard on me).

After some months my elder sister came to send time with us (that evil being), she told my dad that she would stay with us for some months before she goes back. I was happy to see my elder sis so was my little sister, my elder sister had this kinda character of not knowing how to care for her younger ones.

One day when my dad went out, my elder sis went to the landlord house to see the landlord's son. She knew him for a very long time but I had no idea why she was going there, (we had already paid our house rent).

After 10mins my elder sister came back and told us that she was going out and we are going to stay in the landlord's house. She took us there and she said these words to the landlord's son "take very good care of them, don't let them go out, hold them very well". He smiled as I and my younger sister went into his house while my senior sister went out.

I never really understood what that meant because I was going to and my little sister was going to , I didn't know the full meaning of that be continued

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