STORY: RAPE [Episode 3]

Rape Episode 3

He locked the door as soon as we entered, he was acting funny and strange as if he wanted to use us for something, he rubbed my little sister's head like a ball and his eyes were red--I think he must have smoked again because that is what he normally does---.

He took us to his room which was upstairs (i don't know why he did that because his parlour was free and no one was at home except him).

He asked us if we wanted anything and we replied "yes uncle we want juice". He went to his refrigerator which was right beside his bed and he brought out two fruit juice in a plastic bottle then he gave it to me and my little sis.

After some minutes after drinking the fruit juice I felt like going to the toilet so I told him that I want to urinate, he directed me downstairs to where the toilet was---He had a toilet in his room but he didn't want me to use it, I really don't know why--.

I went downstairs to urinate, as i was urinating I heard my little sister shouting then it stopped, i was wondering to myself what made her shout so I quickly jumped off the toilet without washing my hands.

I ran upstairs as fast as I could get there, as I approach the room I could hear my little sister crying and trying to shout but it was as if something was holding her voice in.

I quickly opened the door and I saw the landlord's son (that stupid bastard) raping my little sis and his hand was coving her mouth.

Immediately he saw me he stopped and chased me, i ran as fast as my legs could carry me, he almost caught me on my way downstairs but he missed a step and he fell while I used the opportunity to run to the entrance door.

I open the door and run outside, I ran to my house to check whether my elder sis was back to report to her what was happening, when I got home I heard music playing very loud, I knocked and knocked but no one answered me.

I knew she was inside but she refused to open the door for me; that was when i knew she sold us to the landlord's son so that he could use us as he wishes, no wonder she said "take very good care of them, don't let them go out, hold them very well"--Ah my elder sister is pure evil (tears)--.

As i stood there i saw the landlord's son coming to my house, I quickly ran out side the compound and I sat on the ground and waited until my dad come back.

My dad came back by 6pm in the evening when I saw him I was filled with joy and happiness. He asked me why I was out side but I said nothing because I was scared to talk, we both went inside the house and I saw my elder sister doing what she does best (reading novel).

My dad asked her why I was outside and all she told him was that I beat up my little sis and she flogged me for it and I ran outside the gate abusing her, my dad looked at me and started asking me questions about what my elder sister told him, all I did was to cry and cry and cry because she lied against me and it hurts so much.

After that day my life became a living hell, everything I knew as life and the lovely things my dad told me and my little sis about the world changed, I felt so bad and angry and mad at my elder sister and the landlord's be continue.....

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