STORY: RAPE [Episode 4]


Must Read: Rape Episode 4

One week later my little sis was still trying to recover from what happened to her and I was always there to help her through the pain, I could not explain things to her at that age (I was 6-7) because I was too afraid to talk about it. I was sure she didn't fully understand what happened to her but I knew it would surface one day in her life.

Another wonderful day filled with hopes came; it was a friday and the next day was the second Saturday of the month, I was happy because my dad usually took us out mostly every second and fourth Saturday of each month.

I woke up that morning feeling happy and joyed, I quickly went to the bathroom to take my bath and after i took my bath i bath my little sister --I bath her sometimes when she feels too lazy to bath or when she is doing her regular dizzy eyes--. After bathing we dressed up for school then went to the parlour to eat our breakfast which was waiting for us (prepared by our evil elder sister) and after eating we left for school.

School was so fun that day; the long break bell came on and we all jumped up because we knew that after the long break it would be club activities and after that it would be closing time!!.

I and my friends played so much during the long break playing hide and seek with me being the seeker and my friends the hidden. The game started and they all ran to find their hiding place in the school's compound.

After counting very fast from 1-100 --although I skipped some numbers-- i quickly came out of my class to look for them, I went from class to class but I didn't see them so I started thinking to myself "where did this my friends hide, mmmmm maybe they went to the backyard to hide".

On my way to the school's backyard I saw my little sister in her class (my little sister's class was the only link to our school's backyard), her eyes were looking at the blackboard and it was only her in class, she was just looking at it in total lost which made me scared when I saw her. I called her name but she did not answer, she just kept on looking at the blackboard.

Suddenly she started shaking, I ran to her and held her hands which were hot, she was sweating very heavily which made me cry.

Finally she responded and I was happy then she asked me why i was crying and what happened to her, I lied to her by saying that I am crying because dust entered my eyes and that I have no idea of what happened to her.

The long break came to an end but the fears I had for my little sis still remains, after some minutes we all went for club activities. Every single thing they taught never entered my head I was just thinking of how my junior sister is, "I pray she should not freeze again" is said to myself in a very low voice.

As soon as the bell for closing time came on, I run to where my little sis was to check on her. When I got there she was smiling and playing with her friends which gave me peace and total joy. I told my friends bye as I took my little sis by the arm and went home.

When I got home I met my senior sister with the landlord's son talking ( {hissing}only God knows what they are talking about), I was so angry seeing him in our house so I just hissed and took my little sister by the arm and entered our room.

After some minutes I went outside to buy something in the next street, when I got there the person was not there so I had to wait a little.

When I got back home I could not find the landlord's son but I saw my elder sister reading novel, I saw some money on the table which was not there when I came back from school.

I went to my room and saw my little sister half naked --crying-- I cried and cried, I was so angry but I couldn't do anything, my little sister was in pain so had to carry her and bath her and clean her up.

My dad came back late that day when I saw him I was happy and I wanted to tell him what happened but I was afraid to talk, I was ashamed of my elder sister, I hated her so much for what she was doing.

I prayed evil prayers for her, I wished her death, I cursed her with every breath I be continued

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