STORY: RAPE [Episode 10]


Rape Episode 10

There came a day that my mum went to her shop leaving ruth blessing and I at home, my step dad was not at home so I was free to move around. Blessing, Ruth and i were watching tv in the parlour, after some hours i slept off.

When I woke up from my sleep I couldn't find Ruth and blessing, I guessed they went to my dad's grave because Ruth goes there from time to time since the death of my dad (after our dad died Ruth changed a little), --well I guess my dad told her something before he left us--.

I stood up and went to the bath room to take my bath, I was about to bath when I heard a foot steps coming to the bath room, I thought maybe it was my imagination but I was wrong.

The foot steps became louder and louder, I wanted to lock the door of the bath room but the key wasn't there it was at the other side, I was totally confused because the person that came into the house didn't knock, the person could be a robber or maybe a killer and I was half naked.

I moved from left to right in the bath room, i tried as much as possible not to make a sound. The person finally got his hands on the door handle, as I saw the handle moving down I wanted to scream but I managed to hold my mouth.

As the door was opening I quickly went to stay at the back of the door as to avoid being seen by the person, the person opened the door half way full then closed it back.

I felt calm and ok at that moment, but the funny thing was that I didn't hear the feet step of the person leaving, what do I care at least the person did not see me, I turned and the next thing that happened was that the door opened with full force and the person jump into the bath room like a monkey,I was shock to hear a sudden sound and noise,as I turned with that shock and fear.

I saw my (the stupid idiot) step dad, he was laughing and smiling, he was on boxers, I saw his clothes on the entrance of the bathroom (ah God will punish that man where ever he is), I started to wonder how he got inside the house without me knowing.

The next thing he said was "you think that I don't know that there is no one at home except you, when I came home you were sleeping, I saw the shadow of your sweet body when I opened the bath room, I'm here to bath with you".

I said to myself with tears "no wonder his clothes are on the entrance, no wonder he is on boxers, oh God how will I escape this demon of a man".

I was about to run when he said "Don't even think of running".

I ignored him and I ran to the door of the bath room where he stood, he wanted to grab me but I quickly bend down and passed in between his legs, from there I ran to my room but the door was locked and the key that was ought to be there wasn't there (I guess he locked it and took the key). I ran to the parlour but the parlour door was locked, I saw him coming to the parlour to catch me so I ran to the kitchen but it was locked and the kitchen was the only root to our backyard.

I was totally trapped, I had only one chance and that was to run to the bathroom and lock it with the key, I saw him coming my way again so I had to quicken up my speed. I ran to the bath room and he chased me, luckily for me the key was still there at the entrance of the bath room, I took it and went in and lock it very fast, his face jammed the door.

I moved backwards step by step, each step was like my heart beat, he started hitting the door, I stood one place with my heart in my mouth and was so afraid that I could hear the sound of my own breath.

Suddenly the he started banging the door,then I heard his foot step going away, I couldn't open the door even if he wasn't there because I was so afraid.

I sat on the ground of the bath room and I started crying and crying,I heard his foot step coming back to the door again, I could hear sounds of keys (at that point I remembered that he had spare keys of the kitchen, toilet and the front door).

He finally opened the door and I quickly jumped up, then the he (bastard) said "so you think you are smart right? you think you can run away from me like you always do but today you won't and no one will help you at all, so you better behave yourself and do as i say".

Immediately after he said those words, I started begging him but all he said was "no need for you to beg because it won't change anything, just do as I say", he said as he came closer to me (may God destroy him).

I moved back as he came closer, my back finally met with the walls of the bath, I had no where to run to so started crying and he was smiling.

The bastard raped me again, for the second time and the pain I felt before came back again, this time it was worst than before and it almost made me mad.

When my (bastard) step dad was done with me, he turned on the shower and left me there while he cleaned up the mess which he had made out of me.

He later carried me to my room (at that moment I couldn't think of anything, I was a complete dummy and i didn't know what a or b was), he was talking to me and laughing as he carried me to my room but I couldn't hear a word he said. He opened the door of my room and then dropped me on my bed and left.

My eyes were just looking at the fan as it turned round and round, I couldn't even cry again because my mind and soul were totally blank and everything around me seems to be on a stand still (I think I later slept off).

When I woke up everywhere was dark, there was no light, I could hear Blessing and Ruth's voice but I couldn't stand up from my bed because I didn't understand what life was...........................

to be continued

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