STORY: RAPE [Episode 7]


Rape Episode 7

A week later Blessing was feeling alright and healthy, everything was normal --i think--. On a Thursday my dad told Ruth to take us out to have fun, I was very happy after I heard it, I told Blessing and she was all jumpy and she started dancing.

Later in the afternoon I and Blessing dressed up and were ready to make our move out for fun, I and Blessing went to Ruth's room to tell her that we were done but we did not find her there, we went to the parlour and sat down then switched on the TV and was watching it as we waited for Ruth.

After 30mins she came back smiling, I gave her that weird look then Blessing said "sister Ruth we are ready to go", then Ruth replied "ok let's go out, Esther lock the door quickly".

I did what she told me to do, we were close to the gate of our compound when I remembered that I forgot something inside, so I quickly ran back to collect the item I forgot.

I opened the door and went straight to my room, while in my room I felt someone behind me but before I could turn to see the person, I was pushed to the bed landing with my hands behind my back.

The person's face was clear and it was Wilson, he quickly removed his clothes and jumped on me, immediately i started fighting and fighting for my freedom but he pined me down.

Luckily for me; i was still able to use my legs to fight so I threw my legs up and down roughly but it wasn't hitting him hard enough, I tried using my head but it was no good. I finally felt a little space to move my left hand so I used the opportunity to remove my left hand from his hold and used it to hit him on his right eye.

He fall to my left side giving me opportunity to run for life, I quickly took the chance and ran, i ran (without closing the door of my house) until I got to where Ruth and Blessing stood.

Ruth asked me what took me so long, I just had to lie to her, i told her that I could not find what I went to look for, she didn't say anything or asked me anything again.

We enjoyed ourselves that day but my mind was still ringing on what happened and I was scared (very scared).

Our holiday was coming to an end and my dad had plans to travel (for work) to return in two weeks, he told my mum about it and she said she would be paying us visit from time to time until my dad returns back.

My dad travelled as early as 4am on a Monday morning, I woke up that morning and found Blessing still sleeping, I went to the parlour and saw Ruth reading her usual novel with her legs on the table.

I went to the kitchen to see whether she cooked anything but the pot was empty so I went back to the parlour to ask her what we were going to eat that morning, she replied "rice".

I was about going to the kitchen when her phone rang and she told me to go get it for her, I quickly ran to get it for her.

I saw the caller and it was mum, I gave Ruth her phone and they spoke for few minutes then Ruth gave me the phone to talk to mum (my mum told me that she would be coming later in the day).

Afternoon came fast and I had plans to visit my best friend before my mum comes to visit, I asked Ruth for permission to go see my best friend and she said "ok you can go".

After an hour of bathing and dressing up I was done, Blessing saw me and asked me where I was going, I told her that I was going to see Faith (my best friend). She said "i want to follow you sister" and I said "ok", so she got dressed.

We were about to move out together when Ruth called her back and said "Blessing don't go anywhere", I was angry when I heard that so was Blessing but we had to obey her because she was our elder sister.

When i got to my best friend's house she was happy to see me (her best friend), there was light so we watched tom and Jerry and talked about school plus we did little gossiping, we played card games and did some cooking then after cooking we ate together. Minute later i told her that I wanted to go home because my mum would be coming that day and I won't want her to come without seeing me at home.

I got home after minutes of twerking feeling cool and alright, I knocked but no one answered so I tried opening the door with the handle. When I turned it downwards it opened, to my greatest surprise Ruth was in the parlour reading novel (i was like "i knocked but she didn't even respond, what is wrong with this girl").

Suddenly i heard Blessing screaming from my room, i was about running to my room to help Blessing when Ruth held me by the arm then said "don't you even try to go in there", I got angry and bit the living day light out of her (I made sure she was bleeding before I left her). She left me with her hand Bleeding, I ran to my room to help Blessing as Ruth ran to (to her room) stop her Bleeding hand.

When i got to my room i saw Wilson using Blessing roughly and also beating her, I begged him to stop but he didn't so I got angry and use the bottle which was on the floor in my room to hit him on his head (he fell with a bleeding head), I took blessing by the arm and we ran as quickly as possible, we went to hide until our mum came to visit us.

As soon as my mum entered the house we came back, we hugged her and she was happy but we were not happy.

My mum looked at Blessing and saw that there were injures on her neck and face (because of the beating Wilson gave to her), my mum asked "what happened to you", Ruth came from no where and blocked i and Blessing.

She hugged my mum and said "mum Blessing fell from the bed in her room and she landed with her face", she even went as far as to lie that she warned Blessing to stop jumping on her bed but she didn't listen.

My mum just said okay, my mum was about to sit when she saw the white bandage on Ruth's hand, she was like "Ruth what happened to you, did you fall from the bed also?", (Ruth lied again) she said "well mum this happened when i was cooking".

I just looked at Ruth with an angry face --in my mind I was thinking this; "it's not only cook it's hook, you useless girl God will punish you, useless being", well I couldn't say it out because I respected her so much, although she hurts me so much, I still love her with my heart-- be continue.

Hope you're enjoying the story.

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