STORY: RAPE [Episode 6]

 Rape Episode 6

He was about to pounce on me when I quickly rolled myself off the bed to the ground, before he could adjust himself to get hold of me, I ran away (out side the house) leaving the front door open, I ran out side the compound.

I was out side the compound feeling afraid and scared, I was shaking and I prayed inside me that my dad returns home quickly. I was lost in thoughts when Ruth came and tapped me then she asked me what happened, I just looked at her and said...."God will punish you, you are such an evil sister, may God kill you" (oh sorry that was what I was thinking of when she asked me that question). What I really said was "I am receiving fresh air", I knew she was the one that planned it and I knew i and Blessing were no more safe with her anymore, she is just using us to make money for herself.

That day passed with Blessing in pain and torment, my dad came back late and I could not find the courage to tell him.

Two weeks later our school closed and we went on holiday, something happened one morning like that.

It was around 10am and the day was shining and cool, I wake up that day with a happy mind, I went to the kitchen to do some work.

After hours of working i got tired because I have been working since morning so I decided to go rest, I slowly walked into my dad's room to sleep a little.

After 30mins of resting i wake up, I went to the parlour but could not find Ruth, I went to my room but didn't see Blessing so I started to wonder whether they went out to the market.

Ten mins later Ruth came back but I did not see Blessing with her so I asked her where Blessing was and all she said was "Do I look like blessing's body guard", I looked at her and kept quiet.

After 3mins of waiting uncomfortably i dressed up and was about going out to look for Blessing when I heard a knock, I quickly ran to open the door, when i opened the door I saw Blessing.

She was laying on the ground right there in front of our house looking roughly-scattered, within me i knew it was either James or Wilson that did this to her. I started crying then i call Ruth but she refused to answer me instead she played music in her room.

I cried and cried my heart was very heavy, my eyes were red, my mind was clouded, my soul was lost and I was divided.

I took Blessing to my room and cleaned her up, I tried giving her food but she refused to eat, I started crying again feeling unhappy because I knew she was in pain.

The next morning Blessing was feeling very sick and hot I told my dad and he called Ruth, he told Ruth to take Blessing to the hospital but she said that there was no need, she said "i think Blessing is growing up or she could be growing teeth, so dad it's not too serious". That was a bloody lie to me, She was so wicked and was a skilled devil at lying, she was only trying to cover up what she be continue.

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