Debate: Male child are beneficial to their parents (Opposing/Supporting) - By Rayyanu M. Fana

Hello Dear Reader, today I decide to feed you with a hot debate topic *Male child are beneficial to their parents". Meanwhile the write-up credits goes to Rayyanu Musa Fana (A 400Level Chemistry Student) from Federal University Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi State.

Now let's get down to business (Smiles)

Opposing side (team)

First speaker:

In the name of Allah, the supernaturally superior over all and the king of all the kings.

Mr. Chairman Sir, impartial panel of judges, an accurate timekeeper, distinguish guest, my fellow students, my codebaters, ladies and gentlemen, good day to you all.

I am Comrade R. M. Fana, a touch stone from Nagari College Birnin kebbi. I am here at this juncture to wholeheartedly, vehemently, througly, socially, morally and academically oppose the motion that says" Male child are more beneficial to their parents".

Before I stumble into my winning points, I will like to let the cart before the horse by defining what male and female child are.

According to Macmillan dictionary; a male child means belonging to a sex that does not give birth but capable of giving a donation to fertilize a female eggs. While a female child is a gender capable of both giving birth and having a living house for fertilization to occur.

My considerable ladies and gentlemen, audience and students; from the above definition, you can see the power of being a female child.

Having defined the keywords of this motion, I now ensued to oppose the motion with following strong points:-

First and foremost :- Domestic choores; female child deliver or tender domestic choores than a male child ,especially at younger age. At younger ages, most of the male children play football, went outside for a show, join peer groups, part of them also goes to variety of farms and gardens to steal some fruits which they will not hand over to their parents. Female counterpart assist in washing the plates, cleaning and sweeping the house talk less of bathing and dressing their younger ones to school. My opponent; it's better to called a spade "spade". Therefore women are considered beneficial right from teenaging point up to maturity.

Secondly :- Charity; we all knew that charity begins at home. Before a child goes to any school, a mother who is also a female child serve as a teacher , a mentor, a guider and what ever positive you could imagine to save the integrity of her family. A female child is also a wife and a mother who bring up children and embarked on commercial activities to safeguard or maintain her family. My opponent; consider sympathy, a female is endowed with sympathy , which we need in our schools, hospitals and other operating organizations today, where the male children were busy killing and suffering innocent life of citizens consisting of clients at the hospitals.
Nevertheless, religiously speaking; the beloved prophet, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said three times that we should respect a mother before mentioning a father. You can therefore see how important a mother is which is also a female child.

Thirdly:- Confidence; biologically speaking; female children were more intelligent than male, that is why for a person to posses a confident child he need to first have a confident mother. Where are the male child's? No where to be found. A miss is as good as a mile. Male child are mostly involved in activities that bring shame and disgrace to their family. Fraudulent and notorious activities which includes pickpocketing, arm robbery, drug abuse, bandits, rigging during election, disrespect for elders, stealing, rapes to mention but a few. A typical example is considering some terrorist groups such as Boko Haram and Niger avengers. Terrorism in a country was mostly caused by male children, male children promote corruption, insecurity and injustice in beloved country Nigeria. Mr Chairman in a happy family, the first person to boost t a mother into tears is a male child. My audience; male species are mostly good in causing trouble, therefore for peace a female child is needed, hence without peace there will be no development in a nation.

With these few, well presented, glamorous, radients, academic and moral points of mine, I hoped I convinced you that female child are more beneficial to their parents.

Thank you......

Supporting (proposing side)

First Speaker

In the name of Allah, the ultimate supplier, the reckoner, the forgiver and the master of both jinn and mankind.

Mr. Chairman sir, members of the higher table, impartial panel of judges, accurate time keeper , distinguish ladies and gentlemen, my codebaters, good day to you all.

I am Musa Ahmad, a winning star from Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry , Federal University Birnin kebbi.
I am highly delighted to stand before you as a speaker of this vital topic. Before I go deep into my powerful, peaceful and social points ,permit me to clarify what female and male child stand for.

According to the physical world understanding; a male child means nothing but youthful young person able of not giving birth. A female child is a gender or sex able of giving birth for further generation as well as undergoing masturbation.

Having clarified the keywords, I now proceed to support the motion with following academic and practical points:

Above all:-Allah(SWA), the almighty sighted or stated in his glorious Qur'an thereby by saying" arrijalu-qawwamuna alan-nisa'i".(indeed male child were above than their counterpart) . My opponent; the almighty God would never be a liar, no points to raise here, this case is closed. Male child are the leading team from home to variety of fields such as marketing ,farming, doctoring, business and other non-mentioned organizations such as schools and industries/factories.

Furthermore, it's noted islamically that a female child could not lead a team once success is desired. Female children were weak and lazy to conduct other home choores, rather they always request their parents to buy them sweets, biscuit, juice and other sweet items, while the male children will be busy at home or in the farm. Mr. Chairman sir; female children are extremely expert in bringing shame and disgrace to their family, thereby being involved in activities like drug abuse, attending daily parties and many of them are introduced to the world of prostitution. A male is the pride of a family especially in the absence of his father, thereby rendering services such as food, shelter, hospitality and subdue the education of the younger ones. My opponent you can hide the fire but not the smoke, the truth is finally out.

Secondly :-A male child is capable of donating additional four female child to his family thereby calling them wives, talkless of a female ones which are taken away by male children to another family. You can now practically witness the power of being a male child.

Nevertheless, considering the economic situation, male child contribute immensely to the ecomy of a nation ranging from family level up to nationality. Mr. Chairman sir, issues like hunting, farming, transportation and all entrepreneul activities contribute to the economy with no measure. My opponent; money is something vital in a family, male child mostly posses this money in various family and this enables them to play a vital role, thereby providing necessities of life. Money cannot buy happiness, but money is power and money is everything, it can buy pleasures. That is why male child run their family with dedication and uprightness.

Thirdly; Male children are generally useful in both domestic, social, moral, spritual, and academic activities. A male children can sweep, wash plates, clean rooms and palours and capable of running activities or other operations . Men provide food, social amenities, not only handling issues of the family, but the entire society at large. Mr. Chairman sir; look at how male children were risking their lives to sustain their family, male children deserve respect. Considering the population here; male child were the majority carrier, you can now see the important of being a male child.

With these few, considerable, and undeniable points of mine, I hope I convince you that male child are more beneficial to their parents.

Thank you......

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