STORY: RAPE [Episode 8]

 Rape Episode 8

After three years life was becoming cool and ok for me but on the 18 of june my my my loving dear sweet wonderful amazing great awesome irreplaceable heart diamond……crying

……………crying……….left me……crying……my life wasn’t the same after he left me,I and blessing were sick for weeks,I couldn’t concentrate on anything,my mind was not where it was ought to be,I was like an insane person,my world couldn’t understand what life is,my life was a buried history,I was upside down.the doctors said he dead of a heart disease,but I wonder what could have caused the heart disease,I think maybe it might be a spiritual thing.

We buried my dad on the 27 of july,that day was a torment for me,as I saw as my dad being put into the ground,my mind and soul were lost, tears filled my heart and eyes,I couldn’t believe what was happening,at that point I became mad with tears and my deepest fear was right in front of me.

Everyone came except my mum’s new husband(that’s my step dad,I don’t even like him),my mum said he travelled so he couldn’t make it.I didn’t even care whether he came or not,all I cared was about my lovely dad and how I will live life without him by my side,without him there telling me about life,oh my life was hell,it was a leaving nightmare,I could only understand one thing and one thing only and that was that ‘I lost my dad’ every other thing was like nothing to me.

After 3 months of mourning my dear lovely dad, I, blessing and ruth went to stay with my mum in her house, I didn’t like the man or his the house,it doesn’t feel like home at time goes on I was getting use to the people in the area,ruth has already gotten into a university last year,so she was not always around to sell us as usual,my mum was always going to her shop doing her busy as usual,my step dad was always travelling up and down,life was very boring for me,no one had I and blessing’s time again,we were left alone,but the good thing was that I still had my friends in school who always pay me visit from time to time.

there came a day like that,It was a nice lovely saturday morning I,blessing,ruth,my mum and step dad were at home,ruth was on holiday and my mum didn’t want to goto her shop that day because she planned going to the market to buy more things for her shop plus my step dad was given an off day by his boss in his office. Around 9am my mum told ruth to take blessing to the saloon to plate her hair,ruth did as she was told,now the time came for my mum to goto the market, so she quickly prepared launch for us before she left,now it was only me and my step dad that was at home,I was in the parlour watching cartoon on tv when my step dad came to the parlour,he started looking at me with the eyes of a man in lust,I just ignored him and I continued with my cartoon watching,he came and sat very close to me,I quickly knew that something was up,so I adjusted but he kept coming closer and closer to me,I was about to run when when when……..he he caught me I pushed me to the ground,I couldn’t over power him,he was more stronger than me,I tried all my best but nothing that I did could set me free instead it kept me under his hold more and more ,I screamed but he held my mouth with his left hand and he used his right hand to hold my two hand above my head,I tried kicking him but it was no use because he was stronger than me so he could hardly feel it,I was totally pinned down with no where togo, I screamed for someone to hear me but no one could hear me,I cried for a saviour but no one could save me,I cried so much for a helper but no one could help me……..crying.

He was about to remove his belt with is right hand,so I used the chance to bite him as his hand passed my mouth area,I bit him so hard that he left me but he didn’t bleed,so I pushed myself out of his hold and ran,I was close to the door when he………..crying…

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