STORY: DEFILED VESSEL [Episode 6 & 7] By Ogundare Margaret



Written by Ogundare Margaret (Maggie4Christ)


"Hmmm....Love? I don't think I am ready for anything called RELATIONSHIP now" sis Gloria replied.

"Oh! But why? Bro. Michael asked looking disappointed. I really love you. Infact, I had never loved a woman like this before" he said looking at sis Gloria and continued.

"I couldn't hold the feelings anymore and I have been looking for an opportunity to have a discussion with you on this but you've always been busy with church activities and that's why I thought I could it with you today" he explained.

"Hmmmm...." Sis Gloria sighs. It's okay Bro Michael"

"Please, I will prefer you call me Michael only without attaching 'Bro' to it. We're not in the fellowship now but school" he said.

"Okay, Michael" she called with a smile and continued "please, give me some time to think and pray on it, I will get back to you on it" she said.

"Pray? ha, no need o because I'm 100% sure that God is involved already, no need to waste time to pray on it jare" he said looking non calmed and continued.

"But no problem Sha, I wasn't expecting you giving me a YES or NO today though. Anyway, thanks so much for giving listening ears to all I had said and I believe you will bring me a good news soon about it" he ended with an hopeful statement.

"Can we start to study now? An hour has passed already" Sis Gloria asked.

"Oh, yes. I'm sorry for taking your time, let's get started please" he apologized.

They both studied for 3hours more and left together on different bikes to their hostels.



It's the first Sunday in the month of June as the exams is gradually going to an end. 

Everywhere in the fellowship looks beautiful as colorful decorations was made in the fellowship.

"Guess what? It's the handing over service in the fellowship today" the president of the fellowship announced with a smile on his face accompanied with a joyous shouts from the congregation.

"Sincerely (he continued) I want to appreciate the name of the Lord for a while year to serve with other excos in the fellowship. The journey being the president of the fellowship personally hasn't been easy but God made it easier for me" he said on his knees.

"Help me appreciate the name of the Lord alongside other excos for the success of our tenure with 7 hallelujahs to the Lord, let's go" ( the congregation stands and gives a loud hallelujah)

"Thank you, Brethren. I appreciate you all" he said looking happy.

"Now, before going into the sermon, I shall be announcing the new leaders and excos for this wonderful fellowship" everywhere becomes silent as a graveyard.

"Now, for the leaders and excos for this session 2020/2021 academic session.....( The president calls names of the new leaders and excos in the fellowship) and finally our new president and Sisters' Coordinator for this Fellowship are Bro John Babafemi and Sis Gloria Stephens"

The congregation shouts with joy hearing their names as some of them accompanied them to the altar.

"Congratulations to all our new leaders and excos" the former president announced with joy on his face as the congregation gives a shout of joy showing their acceptance of both the new president and the Sisters' Coordinator.

"I shall be calling Bro Temitope, our former prayer coordinator to come out and pray for the new excos in the fellowship. A round of applause for him please" Claps followed as the former prayer coordinator steps out and pray for the new excos.


After the service, Bro Michael is seen congratulating Sis Gloria.

"Our newest Mama" he called out to her outside the fellowship.

"Hmmmm..... Good afternoon, Bro Michael" she greeted.

"Congratulations, Sis Gloria. I pray the strength to have a fruitful journey with your new title is released upon you in the name of Jesus" he prayed while holding her hands while she said an "Amen" too.

"Thank you so much Bro Michael, I appreciate the prayers" she said with a face looking swollen, obviously she just finished crying.

"I hope you're fine" Bro Michael asked noticing her swollen eyes.

"Emmm....Yes" she answered. 

"Please, I need to go now, we have a meeting with the former excos soon" she pleaded.

"Oh, it's fine. I will give you a call later then" he said looking disappointed.


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