STORY: DEFILED VESSEL By Ogundar Margaret [Episode 3]



Written by Ogundare Margaret (Maggie4Christ).


"Brother Michael, Bro. Michael, excuse me" Sis. Gloria called to him when she notices him in the school premises.

Bro. Michael is with a coursemate of his and so this coursemate helped Sis. Gloria to tap Bro. Michael on the hand and calls his attention to Sis. Gloria's call.

"Ha! Sis Gloria, I am deeply sorry. I never knew someone was calling me, I was deep in discussion with my friend here, I'm sorry" he apologized.

"Oh! It's fine sir, I just called to say 'hello' when I noticed you coming out of Ekundayo lecture hall" She said.

"Thanks so much" he added with a smile.

"Are you in faculty of law? Bro. Michael asked "No, I'm in faculty of Arts and my department is English Language. I thought you're in Sciences faculty or which is your department?" She asked.

"Ha! How did you know?" He asked looking confused.

"Ermh..." (Shola interrupted) Mike, I think I should be going instead of waiting here for you. I actually have a date to catch today" Shola said(Michael's coursemate who helped him to call his attention to Sis. Gloria)

"Oh! Brother, please I'm sorry for delaying you" Sis. Gloria said apologetically.

"It's fine" he replied. 

"Shola, we shall see later nah. Please, take care" Bro. Michael said shaking hands with Shola and he went his way leaving Bro. Michael and Sis. Gloria conversing.

"So, as we're saying. How did you know I'm in faculty of Sciences? he asked looking curious to get answers but Sis. Gloria smiled instead and changed the topic while they continue walking towards the school gate.

"Are you passing through the main gate?" She asked.

"Oh! yes. Though I want to visit a studio beside the place for a passport then branch a canteen to eat something" he answered.

" I hope you're coming to the fellowship today, because today is Wednesday and our Bible exposition is today by 4pm? She asked.

"Humm...I can't really say, so don't let me promise you and fail but I will try sha" he said looking unserious.

"Alright, try your best to come o. It blesses and adds to one's spiritual growth. As you eat in the canteen beside the main school gate now, you also need spiritual food o" she said smiling.

"Yes, Mama. Well noted o" he answered and they both burst into laughter...


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