STORY: DEFILED VESSEL By Ogundar Margaret [Episode 1]


Written by Ogundare Margaret (Maggie4Christ)


"Hello, Sis. Gloria, please what time are we starting our choir rehearsal today? Or are we not to meet in the fellowship again for the practice?"

Sister Joyce(one of the choristers) had called Sis. Gloria (the choir coordinator) to ask if the meeting will hold or not.

"Yes, ma'am. We shall be meeting this evening by 4, so please make yourself available as I have announced already on our WhatsApp group but seems you were offline" Sis. Gloria replied.

"Yes ma, my data got exhausted and that's why I have been offline for some hours now. Thank you ma, I shall be there. Goodbye" She said and hung up.

Sis. Gloria ( a lady in her early 20s) is a student of English Language in her 3rd year in the university of God's Covenant.

She's vabriant and always available in her fellowship she attends since she had gained admission into the university.

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Her availability and dedication to the activities in her fellowship made her to be selected to be the choir coordinator of her unit in the fellowship.

Sis Gloria is not just dedicated to the things of the kingdom in her fellowship but talented and gifted spiritually also.

She's the first daughter and also the first child out of the three from the family of Mr and Mrs Stephen.

Sis. Gloria had been living a wayward life before she had an encounter with the Lord during one of the programmes hosted in a friend's church in which she was invited and since then, she had been doing all her best to stay on track.

Sometimes, the friends she moved with when she was outside Christ before she had an encounter with Christ will always mock her, telling her she will soon come back to them and can't live such a boring lifestyle she's living now.

Hmmmm.... Is being born again really boring?


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