Story; DEFILED VESSEL Episode 4 and 5 - Written by Ogundare Margaret



Written by Ogundare Margaret (Maggie4Christ).


It's a Saturday morning when Sis. Gloria starts preparing for sisters' and brothers' programme in her fellowship.

It's the month and the day for their relationship talks and interactive sessions which includes questions and answers on relationship matters.

Sis. Gloria puts on a red gown with a touch of white on it and picked her black baby-shoe to match with the dress she wore.

"I must look my best today" she said looking at herself in a standing mirror at her front and grinned.


"The program for sisters'and brothers' edition for this month is tagged 'You and Your Relationship" the president of the fellowship announced at the podium after the opening prayers had been said.

"In this programme (he continued) there is need for most of us in a relationship to know what and what not to do in it"

"Also, I shall be handling the aspect of we brothers while the sisters' coordinator will handle that of the sisters then we all meet here for our questions and answers sessions to discuss what has been taught and discussed in our various classes, do we get me please?" he asked.

"Yes, Papa" echoed everyone in the fellowship.

"Okay, thanks. The programme will be divided into two segments which are Brothers' and Sisters' corner which involves the relationship talks then the last segment is for interaction which is our questions and answers" the president announced again and continued.

" So, brothers let's excuse of sisters and move to the back while we leave the sisters here at the altar" the president instructed.

The relationship talks segment took them 3hours before they could finish and afterwards everyone comes together for the interactive sessions.

"Welcome back beloved" the Sisters' coordinator greeted with a smile showing some of her white front teeth.

"I believe we were blessed from the edition of this month's relationship talks?"

"Yes, ma'am" echoed the audience.

"So, let's quickly go into out interactive session, does anyone has any questions pertaining to the just concluded seminar?" She asked.

"Yes, please" someone from the congregation raises his hand.

"Yes, Bro.Tope, your question sir" she gives permission.

"During our class with the president, he talked about practicing sexual purity in our relationship but my question is how do I know the Sister I want to get married to can produce me kids?" he asked waiting anxiously for answers.

"Haha, Uncle!, Hmmmm" some persons shouted from the audience while some burst into laughter.

"Uncle keh, please let me ask my question o. I can't later get married and she's not okay to give me babies" he said looking serious.

"What do you mean Bro? So what if the fault comes from you ehn? How are you even sure you can produce kids as a man also?" a sister from the audience interrupted.

"Hallelujah o, silence please" the president announced trying to bring decorum and orderliness.

"It's okay since we're now in questions and answers segment, so please let anybody aks questions they want to get answers to, okay?" 

"Alright, Papa" chorused the audience.

"Ernm, Bro. Tope"

"Yes, Presy" he answered.

"I will answer your question sir. You see, it's not necessary you fornicate or go into sexual immoralities with your partner before you can know if she can give babies after marriage or not. Thank God, you're also educated. You can easily visit one of the most competent hospitals in town with your partner and get fertility tests done in the lab without necessarily engaging in sexual immoralities before you can confirm her fertility" I hope you're cleared now?" he finished.

"Oh! Yes Papa. Thank you sir, now I understand better" he replied satisfied.

Other questions follows during the interactive sessions and the programme ended with prayers and menu menu by 5pm, while everyone departed to their various hostels.

Defiled Vessel [EPISODE 5]

The second semester is almost running to an end as examination will hold according to the academic calendar in 2months time.

Almost all students gets busy with the preparations ahead as some who has carried over a course more over do not want this to be repeated in the forthcoming second semester examinations and so everyone gets busy with studying.


It's a Friday afternoon, Sis Gloria is seen in her hostel resting on her bed(being a lecture free day) when she receives a call from Bro. Michael

"Hello, Sis. Gloria" Bro Michael greeted.

 "Hi, Bro. Michael" she answered.

"I hope you're doing good today and how's preparations for our forthcoming exams too?" He asked.

"Oh! I'm preparing gradually and I believe God will surely help us all to excel" she ended with a prayer while Bro Michael said "Amen"

"Yes, I was thinking since exams will commence soon, can we be studying partners for the preparations ahead?"

"Studying Partners?" Sis. Gloria asked looking confused.

"Yes" Bro. Michael answered confidently.

"I thought your department and faculty differs from mine or how do you mean?" She asked.

"Yes, I know they're different but I don't mind if we can just study together with our various courses together in school, that's what I meant" he explained.

"Oh! Alright. Now, I understand. No problem then, it's a good idea" she accepted. 

"So, what time can we meet to study today? I think there's no activities or meetings in the fellowship today right?" he asked.

"No, there are non. Let's fix two hours time, by 4pm and which Venue are we to use in school?" she asked.

"Let's use Adetutu hall then. The lecture theatre will be free in the evening" he said.

"Alright, see you by 4pm then" she consented.

"Thanks for the honor, Sis. Gloria. I shall be expecting you also, bye and take care" he said and hung the call.

2 HOURS LATER.........

"Good day, Sis. Gloria. You're welcome and thanks for honouring the request" Bro. Michael said with a smiling showing that's he's happy to see her.

"Oh, it's nothing. I also appreciate. If not foe this studying we want to do now, I would have been sleeping in my hostel by now o" she replied with a bright smile. "So, where do we start?" She asked.

"Emmh...Sis. Gloria, please before we start studying, I want  to quickly discuss something important with you in few minutes, can I go on?" he asked anxiously.

"Sure, please do. I'm all hears" she consented.

"Sis. Gloria, to cut the long story short. It's been a while I know you and for this short time I have known you to be a lady of honor who love the Lord" he paused and look around if someone is looking at him from afar and continued.

"Please, I have been keeping this for a while but I've come to realize that I can't hide it anymore. Summarily, what I'm saying is that I do love you a lot and I wish you be mine, I want a relationship with you. Please, I really love you Gloria.


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