Download Sermon: Prevailing Prayers – Gaining Momentum by Apostle Joshua Selman [Audio]

The victory of the believer in this kingdom is not only on the reality of the finished work of Christ but it depends on the depth of our comprehension of the truth of the kingdom and Prevailing Prayers. it takes light to rise even more than desire.

 Prayer is for men and not for God. Many people pray but most people obtain result from their prayer.

God gave us keys of the kingdom and prayer is one of the key of the kingdom, but you need to know the various kind of key in order to engage them effectively. You need to know engage them effectively. You need to know the truth of the keys of the kingdom. There are four ways we know God: By Scripture, By Studying His Name, By Studying Jesus and By Experience.

 There are three assignment of prayer in the life of a believer: It serves as a tool of transformation. For making request and to obtain promises. You need to listen to this sermon.

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