I was asking myself a question today while the Holy Spirit ministered to me by providing me the answers to my question.

I could remember 2 years back when I had issues with my phone then, I was bittered and even cried because I was so disappointed whenever I wanted to minister to people on relationship talks I take on my platform and the phone begins malfunctioning, then I knew I needed to get a new one and luckily for me then I had been saving to buy a new one before.

I went with a brother from my hostel to get the new phone, I already knew the one to buy as I told the brother I would go for no other product than infinix.

Getting to where phones are sold, the sales persons there tried to changed my mind to buying another product and I rejected the offer telling them that's what I want and even if I don't see it, I will get it from another shop.

That made them to know that I can't buy from them since they don't have the product I wanted. 

Getting to another shop, I got what I wanted and it's just landed as explained by the owner of the shop and even the latest in market then, I was happy after waiting for sometime, I eventually got the phone I had saved up for.

Then, I asked the Holy Spirit, what has this my new phone story got to do with the question I asked?๐Ÿ˜‚

The Holy Spirit ministered to me and explained better.

Some are still single out there and will not still help themselves to get the right partner because they do not know exactly what they need in a partner.

Knowing that I will be needing a new phone then, I had started saving up before the time it will spoil finally and that's how some singles are today, they want to enter into a relationship badly but they never prepared themselves for that person.

Some of them never invested in themselves spiritually, maritally and other aspects yet they want to enter into a relationship they're not prepared for.

If you ask some singles to attend seminars either physically or online which may include payment for it, some will not bother to pay for the knowledge that can help them get it right maritally or to even avoid being with the wrong person while some will be claiming they're too busy to attend the free ones and you can't stop complaining of ending with the wrong person, the investment isn't there.

Despite the fact that I said I only wanted the product, some singles will do anything to be in a relationship even with an unbeliever because they don't know what they want and can't wait anymore.

You can't wait long as singles and still end with the wrong person, you need to invest in your life while waiting for the one, let that lucky one finds you busy and engaged with things that can help your life.

Attend seminars both online and physically on relationships and marriages even if it will cost you to pay, do it and get knowledge to learn ahead.

You prepare ahead for a battle you've not fought before and not you start preparing on the battlefield.

Learn and get knowledge about relationships and marriages, how it should be and God's standard on it.

Invest in your marital life even if it will involve you paying money to get knowledge on it, pay the price and get a better partner.

Save your marital life, invest to get knowledge on it and avoid being with the wrong person.



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Minister Margaret Ogundare. 

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