STORY: DEFILED VESSEL By Ogundar Margaret [Episode 2]



Written by Ogundare Margaret (Maggie4Christ).



"Praise the living God, now I want us to take this song together after our Ministration and sing along with us"

"I pray God manifest Himself in our midst this morning in the name of Jesus".  Sis. Gloria announced during the choirs' Ministration on Sunday while an "Amen" followed by the congregation.

(The instruments starts first while Sis. Gloria led the song for the Ministration with her soprano voice)

"Christ is love

He has given us his son to die for us

Oh! I want to burn more for you Lord

I want to love and know you more

This is my heartfelt prayers...oh oh oh"

While the other choristers sings along, the congregation is filled with the presence of the Lord as some begins to sing in the Holy ghost while some blasted in tongues, praying and surrendering their lives to the Lord after an Altar call was made during the Ministration by Sis. Gloria.


Few minutes after..

"Oh! Excuse me ma'am" a brother from the fellowship calls Sis. Gloria after the service.

 "Yes, sir. Good day to you" she answered with a beautiful smile showing her dimple.

"Yes, sorry to disturb you, I'm Michael Sam by name and this is my first time of coming here to the fellowship" he said with a smile and continued.

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"I must confess, I really love the  service here especially the song Ministration part. Infact, I had made up my mind to be attending this Fellowship not only on Sundays but also weekly" he finished with a bright smile on his face.

"Wow! All glory to God sir. I'm also glad God's presence was manifested during the service today"

"All glory to Yaweh and it's also a good thing you've decided to join us here, you will surely enjoy God's presence more and it's a reality" She said with a smile and continued.

"You can also join one of the units in the fellowship sir, it's what every believers are called to do in God's vineyard" she added.

"Oh, that is true. I will do put that also in mind ma'am, no problems. Thanks for the audience given to me" he appreciated. 

"Oh! My bad. Your name ma'am? He asked curiously

"I'm Gloria by name, you can call me Sis. Gloria" she answered"

"Alright Sis. Gloria, you can also address me as Bro. Michael then" he said and they both laughed.


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