Turkey's opposition lawmaker 54-year-old Hasan Bitmez died yesterday December 14th two days after he collapsed and suffered a heart attack.  This came just after he finished his speech in the parliament where he condemned the actions of Israel and criticized the policy of the government towards Israel. 

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced this death. He died in the Ankara city hospital.

In his speech, before he collapsed he criticized the Turkish government for its continual trade with Israel, notwithstanding the actions of Israel on Gaza. He accused the government of being an accomplice with Isreal as regards the war on Gaza

He placed a banner on the podium which read "Murderer Israel, collaborator AKP.

In his words, the government has the blood of Palestinians in its hands because they are collaborators.

He ended his speech by saying they would not escape the wrath of Allah after which he collapsed and other MPs rushed to him to see how he could be helped he was rushed to the hospital where he received therapy but he was unable to survive  .

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