I think somebody needs to say this and some people need to allow it to sink into their heads.  Right now some young men are putting themselves under unnecessary pressure just because they feel December is here and they have achieved so little. Girls are not left out of it, I spoke to a female friend this morning and she sounded so desperate and frustrated because she has been unable to get some sets of new clothes for herself.

I told her to calm down, this month has come and it would go. Whatever illegal means you use in acquiring anything now you may have to suffer the consequences even after this month. 

Calm down, not everyone is looking at you, not everyone cares about what you wear this month or not. Thank God for what you have instead of thinking too much of what you don't have yet.

This month would come and go. This is a month of celebration but who says you need to show off? Just be yourself. You don't need to do too much. You don't need to do anything. 

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