Download Sermon: 5 QUESTION YOU MUST ANSWER TO BE GREAT By Apostle Joshua Selman (Audio)

The most sought after element on earth is the purpose of living. And the most abuse substance in life is personal purpose of living.

 The husband that is frustrated after willingly started a family but lately got depressed and nagged out his children and wife did so because he lost glimpse of his purpose. The graduate that devoted time to study in colleges with the intention of becoming a person did so in other to fulfill purpose.

 Most people you see roaming the street aimlessly did so not because there are really a strange hand from the spirit realm to torment them, but they become dead while living because they do not know or have a purpose for living. There has been these questions that has been asked by great philosophers and giants of faith.

 The answers to questions are the ingredients which will jointly position you in the right place of your life. WHO ARE YOU? WHERE DO YOU COME FROM ? WHY ARE YOU HERE ? WHAT CAN YOU DO ? WHERE ARE YOU GOING FROM HERE ?. This pertinent questions were answered by Apostle in the series and you will be blessed listening to it.

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