Download Sermon: COOPERATE WITH GOD By Pastor E.A Adeboye

The marvelous intention of God is to make the best out of your life as His children. It was written that His thought towards you are thought of good and not of evil. It is evil and wrong to assume that God created you just to barely survive. Your life is originally designed for a purpose and destined for specific experiences, therefore you are not in any way a mistake to God. 

However, although, everyone is created for a mandate, not all human being really live a meaningful life. They do not lead a meaningful live not because they do not try thier best, neither was it because they were not intentional. Rather, they couldn’t lead a meaningful life because they chose to do things in thier own ways and according to thier personal dispositions. The relationship between God and man is not just the lord and servant relationship, it is not just the serve and get rewarded scheme. The relationship is expected to be more cordial and meaningful that allows man to understand God’s intentions about His life, how God designed to make things happen and the seasons allotted.

 Only and only when you cooperate with God that you will enjoy a meaningful life. If your ways are not the same with the way of the Lord, you will try and work hard but you may not really see fulfillment that commensurate with your efforts. To learn more on how to submit you anxieties and decisions to God, listen to this teachings and your life will not remain the same.


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