Ebuka Obi responds to rumors that he staged a deliverance session with the woman who made advances to him on the pulpit (video)

Ebuka Obi, the founder of Zion Ministry Outreach, has replied to charges that he staged a deliverance session with a lady.

A few days ago, Ebuka Obi went viral with a video that showed the moment of deliverance of a lady who was believed to be possessed by a marine spirit.

The lady’s gushing over the pastor’s appearance during the prayer session added flavor to the footage, eliciting varied reactions online.

While some questioned the tape, a few others believed.

  • In response to the controversy surrounding the video, the pastor stood on the pulpit and told how the video went viral and how netizens accused him of staging everything.
  • The preacher observed that such folks are merely looking to downplay the power of God. He added that following the deliverance session, the lady now sleeps peacefully unlike before.

He also called up the lady on the pulpit who now appeared fit.

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