Davido Speaks Out About The Pregnancy Drama [Full Details]

Unquestionably one of the most popular musicians in Africa, Davido has built a name for himself by recording a number of singles and winning various accolades. But in addition to his music, Davido's extramarital affairs also contribute to his fame.

Davido and ladies go hand in hand. This assertion is supported by the most recent scandal involving the boss of DBW and Anita Brown, a woman living in the US.
  • In fact, since he began his musical career, Davido has been linked romantically to many women, some of whom later became his baby mamas. For many, Davido’s career is always spiced with stories of his many relationships with his baby mamas.
  • First, it started with an Ibadan-based lady, Ayo Labinjo, who accused him of abandoning her after impregnating her sometime in 2013. The lady later gave birth to a baby girl.
But like Davido’s other baby mama scandals, the story set the internet agog in 2017. Incidentally, at that time, the pop star was expecting another child from his America-based girlfriend, Mandy.

But after all the accusations and denials from each side, as well as the controversy surrounding the DNA test that was later used to establish the baby's paternity, nothing more was heard about the situation until a controversial blogger named Kemi Olunloyo made an attempt to revive it a few years ago.

Sophia Momodu, the cousin of renowned media mogul Dele Momodu, gave birth to Imade for Davido in 2015 when that scandal was still going on. More buzz was generated on social media than ever before when the Ibadan baby mom entered the picture.

But after all said and done, Sophia disappeared from the scene, while Chioma Rowland took over her place as Davido’s fourth baby mama, with his second daughter, Amanda, being a product of his love affair with Mandy.

Before Chioma entered the picture, there was Larissa, a make-up artist from London who also had a kid named Dawson for Davido. In August 2022, the pop star acknowledged the boy as his son for the first time. He was seen leaving the house in style with his second kid as they went to church with celebrity pastor Tobi Adegboyega and Bobo Ajudua's lawyer's son's birthday celebration in London.
The artist was seen greeting visitors and the pastor while carrying his fourth child in a video that quickly became popular online. Davido and Chioma were still engaged when Dawson was born in 2020.

Chioma, who met Davido when they were both Babcock University students, reportedly became the music star's preferred baby mom.

The ‘Aye’ singer weathered all the storms, while reassuring Chioma of his undying love for her. He finally cemented their relationship in marriage after the passing of their only son, Ifeanyi last year.

The pop singer's most adored and celebrated child, Little Ifeanyi, was a child he conceived illicitly with Chioma. The pair has been getting along well since Ifeanyi's passing, up until a few days ago when Davido started making headlines once again for the wrong reasons.
A US-based lady, Anita Brown has surfaced from nowhere during the week to accuse DBW boss of impregnating her and refused to take responsibility. She set the internet buzzing by sharing screenshots of his long conversations with Davido over the pregnancy. But when Davido’s fans started defending him, claiming that Anita was lying, she resurfaced hours later with receipts to prove her claims.

Anita asserted that she initially encountered the musician in 2017 when traveling to Dubai, and that they dated intermittently up until the pandemic, at which time she was in a "long" relationship.

She posted a video of herself using a pregnancy test kit to go live on Instagram to announce that she was expecting, saying she didn't need Davido's money but rather the singer's attention.

Anita, who’s a businesswoman based in Houston, Texas, also alleged that Davido offered her money to abort the pregnancy, but she refused. In one screenshot, Davido can be seen asking Brown to keep their conversation private. “Please, don’t tell anyone about this. I’m begging you,”Davido said.
Anita recently asserted that she was unaware that Davido was married when they first started dating in a video posted to her Instagram story. She mentioned seeing him in Dubai in 2017 and uploaded an old video of herself watching him perform.
According to Anita, their relationship has been on and off, and she isn't concerned with fame or wealth; all she wants is for Davido to accept responsibility for his deeds.

While the drama is still unfolding, the “Away” crooner has broken his silence through his social media handlers, who took to his Instagram page to declare that “Chioma still going to be Davido’s assurance. They love each other.” In a nutshell, the last yet to be heard as far as this matter is concerned.

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