Must See: How To Read Deleted Messages On WhatsApp, A Secret Guide

Don’t we just hate it when we receive a notification for a message only to find out that it’s been deleted by the send before we could have read it. 

One is left wondering what a deleted Whatsapp text actually said? The ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature was introduced in WhatsApp in the year 2017, which allowed the user to delete messages within 2 days of sending them.

While the ‘Delete for Everyone’ can be a boon in some situation, it can be a lifesaver when we send a wrong text but it gets frustrating when you are at the receiving end of the ‘deleted text’. Most of us are interested and curious about the messages that our friends send but deleted afterwards.


But can we read the deleted texts on WhatsApp? Well, the solution to see the deleted texts are very less but yes one can surely read the deleted texts on Whatsapp.

How to read deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android?

If you are an android user, then you can just follow these simple steps and read the deleted texts. All you need to do is to check the notification history.

Here’s how you can read deleted WhatsApp messages by checking the notification history. Follow these steps:
  • – Go to your phone’s ‘Settings’.
  • – Scroll and tap on ‘Apps & Notifications’.
  • – Select ‘Notifications’.
  • – Tap on ‘Notification history’.
  • – Toggle the button next to ‘Use notification history’ to turn it on.
  • – Once the notification history is turned on, you will be able to see notifications of WhatsApp messages even if they are deleted.
Use third party app to read deleted WhatsApp messages

You can also use third-party data recovery apps available online to read the deleted texts on WhatsApp. One of the application that you can use to read deleted texts is “Get Deleted Messages”. You can follow these steps to read deleted texts on WhatsApp by using a 3rd party application:

  • – Download and install the ‘Get Deleted Messages’ application from the Google Play Store.
  • – Grant all the required permission, the application asks for.
  • – Whenever a message is deleted on WhatsApp, simply open the app to check the deleted message.
Notably, the application will ask for permission to run in the background. The application will ask to access notifications and storage.

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