Download Mp4: PROPHET SUDDENLY || The Winlos || Apostle Arome osayi [Full movie]

The movie is about exposing the works of darkness in the prophetic ministry. According to Ohis he said; 

“The reason the movie connects to The Apostle Arome is because he has had a burden over the years for the prophetic ministry and also exposing witchcraft.”

Ohis Ojeikere, who was invited by Arome to speak at his church to make the announcement of the film said;

“After i received the instruction to bring papa to the film, it took me four months to summon courag, because i have not seen him before.

“Prophet Suddenly” delves into the life of Michael, a man driven by the desire for success in modern-day ministry. As he abandons his purpose and becomes influenced by his colleague Chucks’ lifestyle, Michael finds himself in a web of desperation. Unknowingly, he engages in a one-night stand with a familiar spirit, which grants him powers to heal and prophesy. Soon, Michael rises to fame as a renowned preacher, earning the nickname “Prophet Suddenly.”

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