NPC Application Pending The Only Way Enumerators Resolve This Problem 2023

We Understand many people among NPC candidate, are facing this issue of NPC Application Pending, So here is the process based on our knowledge, this is the only way to resolve this problem.

Usually, within 3 days of joining the project assess NPC Adhoc staff, The applicant Level should change from PENDING to APPROVED

The only way to Enumerator and the NPC Supervisor can get consent without the worry of visiting or contacting the local NPC supervisor.

The coordinator of the local government of NPC is one of the NPC officers who managed to carry out the assessment work in each local government.

The applicant should visit the NPC office in his local government with humility to see the chairman of the NPC local government.

The head of the local government NPC will ask for NIN, NPC Adhoc Staff Registration Print Out (Hardcopy), then your name and phone number. (NPC Application Pending).

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Wait for the next 2 days after meeting with the NPC LGA Coordinator, then check online to see if your application has been approved.

If the Applicant status is still pending after meeting with the NPC Local Government Coordinator, the process must be repeated. (NPC Application Pending).

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