Download Sermon: THIS IS THE MESSAGE by Apostle Joshua Selman (March 12, 2023)

Satan attacks a Minister’s character because character is what gives credence and believability to the Minister and his message.

 Having the right mandate does not guarantee success; the pattern and the strategy for its execution is critical success. For any vision to thrive, people must be committed to establishing the mandate.

 A platform is eesential to a Message. It represents any structure, physical or otherwise, that allows you to communicate the counsel of God. People will vet and assess you as a Leader, to determine whether you are worthy of committing their resources to you. In addition to the message, you must obtain empowerment from The Spirit. It is dangerous to run solely on the message; you need power to run with precision and efficacy. Power is the capacity to bring evidence to your speakings and solutions to problems.

The 5 essentials every commission must have are: The Message/Mandate; The strategy for execution (The Pattern); The Platform; Resources (Human and Material); and The Backing.

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