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It all started few years after my graduation from the university when I realize I won't be going for NYSC with my friends due to my "carefree". 

Anyway, flashback to 2014 when I got my first admission into University Of Lagos I was happy and joyous because it a great privilege for me going to one of the best universities in Nigeria but few weeks down the line I realize my name was not on their portal anymore.

 So, I decided to push but all was in vain so I had to let it go and push towards my second choice(Yaba college of technology in Affiliation with University Of Nigeria NSUKKA) which eventually worked out, unknown to me I was supposed to push for a new admission letter for my new institution which I didn't throughout my studies which led to my stay back while my mates went for the Youth Service. 

This situation pressed me down and made me downcasted but I stood strong and decided to do the right thing. Along the line I was supposed to make some certain moves to the Jamb office, then back to the institution I finish from before the process could be completed. Then the struggle began! I never knew what was in front of me was bigger than I thought, my first visit to jamb office was a hell on earth for about 2 months, I also visited Jamb office in Abeokuta with the help of Ogunnoiki Oladipupo but still  not successful. Anyway, I eventually purchased my  regularization form in Lagos Jamb office. 

After a successful purchase, I then went back to my institution to submit the purchased form which after some days I got a call back to come over. After the call, I was wondering what could have gone wrong because it was not easy getting the form, so i decided to go down there. 

On my visit there I was told I had a pending course which I had to re-write. On that spot I felt as if the world has falling on me... I was breathing hard and noticed I could pass out any moment from then.

Remembering how my school life was a struggle studying hard to get the best results, i was totally different from others, what could take others minutes to assimilate could take me hours to assimilate. It was as if I wasn't serious but deep down  me I was sweating hard to get it right. No one was able to sit me down and talk to me, I felt I was going to struggle it out on my own. But glory to God and my HOD I eventually came out with a second class lower in Bsc.Ed Art Education.

Down to my story. I left and decided to inform my HOD Dr. Mordi by name... permits me to talk a little about him.

Dr. Mordi is a very good and generous man to all students in the institution and would go any length to fight for a student who is being treated unjustly either by the management or a lecturer. He is a man loved by all students of the institution and I pray God bless him wherever he is because I owe him a lot.

Back to my visit to his office(Dr. Mordi) he then asked me to bring along my credentials and my statement of result which will be issued out to me few days from then. 

When I got home, I was downcasted and felt as if the world should end right that moment and that was when my depression saga started, different thoughts began to set in, I could not withstand it anymore thinking how could 4years of my studies in the institution waste just like that. 

So I decided to take my life right inside my fathers house thinking that would solve the solution. But on an attempt to do that, The Holy Spirit ministered to me that there is still a solution to my problems. I felt a bit of relief waiting to listen and see how and when the solution would come. I could not sleep throughout the night. I could not eat and was thinking hard and wild. 

Along the line I decided to inform my dad because I never knew how it would sound and how he would take it but thank God he never took it personal and rather he consoled me. I set for a prayer and fasting because it does not look ordinary to me. I really appreciate my step-mum for her relentless effort on fighting it out with prayers and fasting. But to cut the long story short, On a faithful day I received a call from my HOD that the issue has been resolved and that I can now go ahead and process with the regularization. I forgot to mention Mrs. Oke(HOD admission) she was helpful on the issue, and also Mrs. Peter's along side Mrs. Babalola, Mr. Abdulsalam Ibrahim(A.K.A ICCON Babalawo) they were very helpful in ironing out the situation.

So I decided to reprocess the regularization form from scratch and eventually turned out successful. After a few months, I received an email for my admission letter for me to register and go for my service. Anyway, it might sound somehow but that was what brought about my depression life. Ever since then, I have been fighting depression till now but was not as tedious as at then thank God for his intervention i would have been long dead. Here I am serving my country in the state of HARMONY.

Please take out time to help in solving people's problems, you might not know how far that would go.

  • Here is my story .
  • Stay strong! never relent!
  • Death is not an option!
  • Depression kills!
  • Always pray to God!

  • This is not the end of the road.

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