The Congress of Nigerian Youth (CONYO) on 31st August, 2022 confers an award on Chief (Dr) Ndubuisi Kelvin George (the CEO of Country-Side Marine Limited and executive director of Blow Money Records) as Ambassador of Hope to Nigeria Youths.

Congress of Nigerian Youths (CONYO) is the umbrella body for millions of progressive Nigerian Youths that are exceptionally focused with mission to sustain new generation ideology in line with 21st century. The organization is saddled with the responsibility of promoting peace, unity, good governance, youth agro-business and entrepreneurship, regional dynamics, empowering women and improving the health sector through science and technology.

During the award presentation, the secretary of the organization noted that it was a great honour to recognize Chief Ndubusi George. He said the honour confer on Chief Ndubuisi is based on his economic contribution to the development of the nation, his philanthropic donation to the less privileged and constant support for youth developmental project. 


He further noted that 'the award recipient is a man whose story inspires confidence, determination and tenacity. Rather than staying down he remained steadfast. When you mention courage, tenacity, equity, integrity, inventiveness, brilliance, distinction and visionary leadership and all these attributes are added to faith, the award recipient personifies them all'.

Chief (Dr) Ndubuisi Kelvin George in his acceptance speech thank the delegate and also stated that the recognition serve as a proof to show that there is progress in the right direction and also as a reminder of his mission to humanity.

Adetunji Abdulkabir Adeyinka

Secretary, conyo

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