Download Sermon; GROWTH ORIENTATION By Apostle Osayi Arome (Audio)

One of the inherent qualities of living things is the ability to grow and increase in size. Growth is a quality within every able living being.

 In as much as there is life, there is possibility of increase in physical, psychological and emotional stature. It has been observed that so many people have stayed alive for a long period of time and grew in age but remain at the same level of understanding. 

Orientation is the set of information that one allows to transform one’s life. Having access to orientation is one thing, embracing and utilizing the orientation is another thing. Just as in the secular setting, spiritual growth is a function of accurate orientations and information. 

No one can live without an orientation, you will either hold to a side of the movement or stay in other side. You can either embrace the orientation of this world or you live by the orientation of the word of God. To understand the importance of accurate orientation and how to imbibe it into your consciousness and that of your families, followers and friends for equitable spiritual maturity, download this message now and you be blessed.

Download Sermon Here (16MB)

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