Download Sermon; BEHOLD THE LAMB By Pastor E.A Adeboye (Audio)

Jesus Christ is the lamb of God anointed to bear both the physical and spiritual infirmities of the children of men. In Him are virtues that can not be resisted by any given authority or power. 

The potency of the power in His name has not and can never be fully comprehended by any scholar. There were many accounts of the deeds of Jesus when He was on earth in man’s body. It was written that if note of His miracles should be taken, not amount of books can be enough to record them.

 However, the selected miracles that were recorded are too notable to deny. Just as the power in name of Jesus healed the sicks and bring the dead back to life in the ancient time, many people have experienced greater miracles in our recent dispensation. The power in the name of Jesus has not been done away with. 

The potency of the power in His blood is forever and everlasting. Your case is not too big for Him to solve neither is your problem too complicated for Him to arrange just take them to Him in prayers and have faith that He will deliver you. This is a powerful sermon that will build your faith and make you trust more in the ability of God. You shall be blessed listening.

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