5 Reasons Why Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts And Investors Should Invest In Rubuman Project [Full Details]

The Cryptocurrency space has elicited much interest and attention in recent years. A lot of people are investing hugely in blockchain technology, and many others have claimed huge returns of their investments.

Now what exactly is RUBUMAN!

RUBUMAN ($RUBU) is a specialized and professional cryptocurrency Marketing Agency whose marketing activities take place in Coinexporter. Coinexporter is an high impact web application with new generational marketing model services that bridges the gap in over-demanding of real, credible and results-oriented Marketing Agency.

Hence, on this post, we will highlight 3 effective Reasons Why Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts And Investors Should Invest In Rubuman Project.

Rubuman is the project that builds its utilities around and in marketing agency industry. 


  • 1. Investors are seen as shareholders and they get 35% of Project's monthly business services revenue.
  • 2. Providing opportunities for non-holders of $Rubu to work as Direct Marketers and earn 15% of Project's monthly business services revenue
  • 3. Rubuman project is well positioned in cryptocurrency marketing agency with different unlocking possibilities to provide effective marketing, advertising and promotion services towards creating mass wealth and prosperity
  • 4. Limited total supply.
  • 5. Well developed and seemly effective roadmap.

Note That: 

Rubuman uses a business model that provides the opportunity for investors to be seen as shareholders by simply investing to earn 35% of the project's monthly business services revenue and availing the opportunity for non-holders and holders of RUBUMAN TOKEN to work in CoinExporter to earn 15% of the project's monthly business services. It also offers individuals or groups the affiliate marketing plans to earn commissions without them necessarily hold the native token. This us to mention but a few. 

One Effective Goal of Rubuman project is:

Rubuman the future that creates mass wealth and prosperity for all. Built on Bitgert (BRC) Blockchain.

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Dan is the CEO. Dan is a Product Researcher, Business Process Manager and Data Scientist. Dan has 6 years experience as a Product Researcher and 3 years as Data Aggregator in 4 different companies both within and outside his country.

What You Need To Know;

  • Shareholder Investors who earn a Return-On-Investment (ROI) over time, through token price appreciation and earn 35% of Project’s monthly revenue generated through its services.

  • Ordinary Investors are quick promoters who work to earn 15% of Project’s monthly revenue generated through its services. They are only qualified by obtaining minimum task completion percentage of 75%.

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