5 Effective Things You Should Expect When You Fellowship With God - Apostle Joshua Selman [Detailed News]

Founder of the Eternity Network International (ENI), Apostle Joshua Selman speaks and mentioned 5 Things believers Should Expect When they Fellowship With God.

He further said, We gather every time for four or five reasons. Every time we gather, the convergence of the saints is for this purpose and to this end.

Below are the 5 things he mentioned.

1. Every time we gather before God, we gather for encounters. 

An encounters is an experience that furnishes the reality of a person, a principle to your spirit. Encounters are important, they create conviction.

2. Transformation through enlightenment. 

The second reason why we gather is to give our destiny a chance, to give our minds and our spirit an opportunity for transformation through the word of God. The Bible says, "We all with faces unveiled beholding him as in a mirror, as we're changed from one dimension of glory to other, even as by the spirit of God" and the word of God is the instrument of transformation. 

3. Every time we gather expect a manifestation of the love and the power of Jesus Christ through miracles, signs and wonders. 

You must expect this every time we gather, it is to see and to experience the miracles, the signs, the wonder that are revelations not just of the might of the man of God alone, but the love of Jesus. When miracles happens, they're letter from Jesus to his creation, saying I love you and I still care and also a revelation of the might of God. 

4. Every time we gather it is an opportunity for impartation [Impartation
 is powerful]

 Impartation is a transference of spiritual possibilities. The results that we commands in this kingdom are predicated upon the kind, the level and the dimension of grace that is at work in us. The Bible says and God is able to make all grace not some grace. Grace is in dimensions. 

There is the grace for speed, favor and breakthrough. Just because you have a measure or a dimension of grace does not mean you have everything, so there are distributions. Whilst the word of God is being preached, it does not have to be conscious impartation. The Bible says, while Peter spake these things the Holy Ghost fell on all not some, all they that heard him. Provided you can hear, your spirit is ignited and you carry dimensions of graces that now began to control new possibilities in your life.

5. Anytime we gather to fellowship with God like this, it is an opportunity for fellowship and to experience the blessing of the Lord. 

No matter how powerful your secret place with God, there are certain dimensions of spiritual possibilities that only happen under a corporate atmosphere. So, anytime you fellowship with God, let your spirit be open to these five things; encounters, transformation that comes through the exegesis of the word of God, spiritual illumination, a manifestation of the power of God to meet needs, to provide supernatural solutions and impartation.

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