INTERLECTUAL Question; is TIME and DESTINY interdependent

A Facebook user, Nasiru Muhammad posted on his timeline and asked an INTERLECTUAL Question every Nigerian Youths outh to answer.

What is your understanding of destiny?

Simply put, destiny is result of any process. Destiny (the result) does not change but the process to the result is not always one. The pathway towards any result changes with time and people.

Mr A who graduated with Mr B in 2011 from secondary school had degree from university through JAMB (UTME) and graduate in 2015 while Mr B didn't get admission into university at that time but he was lucky to start National Diploma course. Mr B graduated and applied direct entry into university and graduated in 2018.

Now, both of them has gotten degree. Process is differ but the result is achieved.

The big question asked by a Facebook is, is TIME and DESTINY interdependent?

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