Don't Risk Your Life To Become Full Time Students - Nasiru Muhammad Advised Newly Admitted Undergraduate Students


Today, few newly undergraduate students of Federal University Birnin Kebbi paid Nasiru Muhammad a visit and seek for his advice. 

Hence, Nasiru Muhammad is a graduate of Federal University Birnin Kebbi (A successful one).

They said they heard about his success in the Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry and the University at large.

 "We heard how intelligent, supportive, generous, initiative, and focused you were during your studies and that admired us to come for advice", they said. 

Nasiru appreciated them. And, without talking much He  said 

"please, please, don't risk your life to become a full time students". They were shocked. 

He continued: "Firstly, pray, study, make good friends, learn soft skills, get a mentor, think business, do business, and do others things neccessary for a better life", I advised. I told them that that was how I lived my life in the campus and graduated with excellent result.

He also mentioned to them that;

 "you're in four years assignment of your life. Some of you are in 5 years due to course years' duration. After graduation, you will be in un-known numbered years assignment of your life. In those years, you need many things. Don't say because you're a student you can't get prepared now. Start now!".

  • Having First class is an achievement but having university education is the best achievement irrespective of what you graduated with. If you must become a full time student before you can have First class, please, kindly ignore First class and move on. 
  •  He further informed them that every life is successful when it gets four things: age, education, wealth and power. You are all not less than 16 years. In fact, 19 years and they confirmed. You've gotten reasonable level of education already. Yet, you have not gotten wealth and power. So, while you're deepening your age and education, start hustling for wealth and power for a better life for a better society

I thanked them for visitation and they stood up with different ideas. I was happy.

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