Google Adsense Approval Trick You Should Know for WordPress and Blogger [Detailed Info]

I know there are many bloggers who are searching for Effective ways to get their Google AdSense approved but most of them always gets AdSense rejection.

Well, In this write up, I will walk you through few proven ways to get your Google AdSense approval. Just follow the post carefully.

But let's first discuss "Why does Google rejects your AdSense program?"

The fact is that, there are many reasons for getting your AdSense application rejected. Below are few primary reasons why your AdSense account gets rejected.

  • You don’t have enough contents
  • You violated Google policy rules.
  • (average number of articles).

Now the pop up question is "How do I get quick approval from Google AdSense on my Site/Blog??.

Ok, let's begin.

1. Design Your Site

To apply for Google Adsense (official site) you need a website. If you already have a website then first of all design its layout. It should have user-friendly look. If your site is on Blogger then you have to do a little more task compared to WordPress sites. I always suggest people try to create sites in WordPress because it helps you in many ways. 90% of the bloggers don’t know coding or web developing but still, they did a great job on their site. Because in WordPress we just have to drag and drop.

If you didn’t create a blog site then check the below Domain and Hosting providers plans today, which currently I am using in my 2-3 sites.

You can create a blog site within 15 minutes but to make it attractive and user friendly, you have to customize it. If you face any problem while customizing your blog post, you can check WPBeginner or ShoutMeLoud articles once.

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2. Create Basic Pages

After purchasing Domain, Hosting and setting it up you need to create some basic pages. these pages will help your site more trustable and professional. The pages are,

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Disclaimer
  • Sitemap
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
However, Google rejected a lot of new bloggers request because they don’t have these basic pages. You can create these pages easily from your WordPress dashboard. If you don’t know which details you have to add on those pages, then search on google ‘sitemap generator’ or ‘terms and conditions generator’ etc. 
Then you just have to enter your name, site name, email and the rest they will provide you. These online tools help you create your basic pages easily.

If you already created then add those basic pages to your site homepage, as I did in my footer menu. It’s quite necessary because it helps you get Google Adsense Approval within a few days.

3. Write articles with supported Languages

Google Adsense will not approve your site if its contents are written in some uncommon language that google does not support. Nowadays Google Adsense supports Hindi, Bengali and other Indian languages along with English. So I would suggest please check at least once your language google is supporting or not.

4. Quality Contents

The above 1 and 2 no steps are for one time but these steps you have to do till your site exists. If you want Google Adsense Approval in your first attempt, then this is one of the major steps. If your site has basic pages, designed well but not quality contents then don’t apply for AdSense now.

  • Quality Contents mean write articles with more than 300 words from yourself, don’t copy from others. Many a time we talk quality is more important than quantity but for google AdSense approval, quality and quantity are equally important.

5. Publish content during Adsense Verification

If you applied for AdSense and if you are not publishing new content then they will take more time to verify your site. You must add content after applying for Google Adsense.
Don’t make any changes to the site (like the theme, layout, post URL etc)
Publish new content during verification time.

6. Use Images with ALT Tags

To make your articles attractive and user friendly you need to add images to your article. But the problem google does not read images so in this case, you have to add ALT tags in your images. By adding alt text in your images it helps google to understand the images.

Also, it helps for your article Image SEO. Alt Text has helped my many articles rank 1 in the google image search results.

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7. Don’t Publish Copy Content

If you are new to Blogging then you might not know that if you write a copy of content then your site will not be monetized by Google Adsense. Copy content does not mean the same topic content. If you search Google Adsense Approval Trick 2020 then you can see a lot of contents are available with the same title. But their content, writing style, images are different from others, so it is not copied content.

Copy content means if I write an article exactly the same as another site article, then this is the judge as copy content. For example ‘Song Lyrics Site’ is an example of a copy site.

If your site has 30+ genuine content which is written by you and if you followed the above steps then your site google Adsense approval chance is 80-90%.
Good luck!!!!!

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