Two 300Level Students of FUBK Agues that National Diploma result is of no use in Nigeria [Full Details]

Earlier this afternoon, two students of federal university Birnin Kebbi Agues saying that National Diploma (ND) result has no use in Nigeria today.

The person supporting the the motion in person of Attahiru Fadlu-rahman Manga from department of Political science gave out interesting points.

Saying, university graduates are more useful in Nigeria than polytechnic graduate.. He said;

In Nigeria today!! Most white collar jobs are reserved for University (BSc graduates). That is why majority of young Nigerians studying in polytechnics [National Diploma level] always go for direct Entry into the university just to Obtain a Bachelor of Science or BMa certificate which is termed as Degree today!

But the other student opposing the motioned dish out his own point as regard to why he thinks National Diploma Result is still important in Nigeria today... He said in polytechnics, students are taught more on practical aspect, while the university system in Nigeria on teaches the theory aspects most times.

This story has just been updated because the first publication had few errors, so GistOnlinesNg Team had to modify it. It was mentioned that at first MAMUD was supporting the motion, but the post has now been modify and corrected!! Hence, the person supporting the motion is a student of political science, 300level, and his he is "Attahiru Fadlu-rahman Manga"

Source: An Eye witness (Student of Federal University Birnin kebbi)

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