Two Kebbi Girls Shake's Facebook Social Media and Insult Themselves Because of A Guy [Full Gist]

Two popular Facebook users based in zuru Kebbi state shakes Facebook social media and shows off their secrets on each other Facebook time line, because of a guy..

The two girls are named;

👉 Meryam Andrew Wale (Mamie Dlkid)

👉Anna Anthony

Well on their Facebook timeline, They shared hilarious secrete about themselves which made both of them the talk of the day. And made people shared review about them. An Eye witness of GistOnlinesNg Media said that the two ladies even brought their parent into the talk and insult each others parents/guidance.

Information from reliable source shows that's the guy that caused the fight is a Zuru based guy named" Dacute gee Sparta". And the guy in question is currently not working (ie he is not doing any decent work for a leaving). 

The question that might be coming through your mind now is, 

👉Why then are the girls fighting and quarrelling over his matter!!

The fact there is that love is actually a strong weapon, and of course ladies are controlled by what their ears hear.

Just of recent, The Sister to Anna Anthony name Mihz Beauty of facebook posted on her timeline trying to defend her sister, by insulting Meryam !!

But to cut the story short

 Meryam Andrew Wale (Mamie Dlkid) isn't affected based on her resent post!!

Below are some graphic photos and and reactions of some of their Facebook friends and fans


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