Linda Ikeji Biography [Education, Net Worth, Career]

Even though Linda Ikeji looks like an average girl, she is actually a billionaire. Within two weeks of that announcement, the TV network received over 10,000 subscribers and has since then continued to grow on a daily basis.

Linda Ikeji net worth has been something of debate on the internet over the years. Even Linda was so surprised to realize that her blog worth $1.2 million back in 2012, but I think she now knows better. While some believe that she worth so much, others think it’s just a sham, how could a mere blogger worth anything. Well, the information you are about to read will settle all the arguments once and for all.

Now, lets review her little biography:


Linda Ifeoma Ikeji is a Nigerian most ranked blogger, writer, entrepreneur, and former model. She is known for her blog

Ikeji started blogging in 2006. She became an active blogger in 2007 using a blogger sub-domain and later obtained her domain

On 22 August 2016, on her blog, she announced the creation of her online TV network, Linda Ikeji TV alongside other brands she was establishing. Linda Ikeji TV airs a variety of programmes ranging from talk shows, reality shows, TV series to Movies. The Network both produces some of its programmes and also buys TV contents. She also ventured into online radio broadcasting. The station is operated from the Linda Ikeji Media Office. Some of its programmes are broadcast live on Linda Ikeji TV.

Ikeji also opened a music platform known as LindaIkejiMusic which was launched on 21 November 2016, but it became dormant three months after the Launch. She launched a social networking platform named Linda Ikeji Social on the domain name Ikeji runs a non-profit project themed "I'd rather be self-made; No thanks". In her interview with, she revealed that through the project, she assists young girls aged 16–25 who have great business ideas and are willing to venture into entrepreneurship. She gave out the sum of NGN10,000,000 in Phase 1 of the project.

Linda Ikeji Net Worth

Not just becoming one of the most searched people in Nigeria, Linda Ikeji’s blog has gained more trust in online advertisement, Companies and banking industries don’t take eyes off Linda Ikeji’s blog in a way to reach their audience through placing banner ads, For years now Guaranty Trust Bank and Globacom Limited (Glo) has placed a sidebar ad worth 1 million naira monthly.

As of 2019, Linda Ikeji is worth approximately ₦14.5 billion, Our estimates reveal that her blog and social media channels bring in about ₦72 million monthly from a combination of Google Adsense of $1,443 (₦549,061.50) daily and other local ad placements.

Linda Ikeji Net Worth In SUMMARY

  • Full Name - Linda Ifeoma Ikeji
  • Age - 41
  • Birthday - 19th September 1980
  • Sex - Female
  • Early Education - University of Lagos (2004)
  • Religion - Christian
  • Career - Nigerian blogger/TV Streaming Platform
  • Net Worth - 10 billion Naira [As Of when this post was made]

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