ADVISE: Why Do I Keep Meeting Girls From Troubled Families?

I just thought about the girls I've been with and noticed a certain trend. This isn't even about the girls themselves who are excellent human beings, but their families.
First girl I dated revealed to me that the dad died of suspected poisoning and her family were chased out of the family house. Her eldest brother is an area boy while it seems things aren't working out for her other siblings.
The next ones dad was late too, one of her sisters is separated from her husband while the first son of nearly 40 has nothing doing.
The other ones history is that her dad is late too. The eldest sister is cohabiting with a man. They have 2 kids already without being married. Her other sisters bride price was just paid after having 3 kids with a man.
For the other one, her dad is late too, died quite early. The eldest sister is in her 30s and unmarried. Her other sister has 3kids for a man who she isn't married to and now they are separated. Things aren't just working for her people.
The one I just met recently told me her parents are late. Lost both of them to suspected poisoning within the space of one year.
I keep wondering if this is some sort of coincidence.

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