Open letter to Davids Ezimako (@KillDaSmoke)

Open letter to Davids Ezimako (@KillDaSmoke)

Davids Ezimako (KillDaSmoke)

From: Chinazo Ukazu Victor; a Blogger and web designer

To: Davids Ezimako (KillDaSmoke); an OAP, Radio Host, poet and blogger.

I think the name "smoke" best describes who you really are. Simply looking at you, one could easily decipher your intellectual capabilities which was coded inside of you. And that is the "fire" while physically you are an evidence of the fire (which is "smoke"), although I know it is an acronym for "Sharing Message Of Knowledgeable Essence" thus S.M.O.K.E which you also represent.

I loved you from your early days at Odenigbo FM. Those days you and Priscilla do a show (sorry I've forgotten the show's title) together at nights. Your sense of humor helps me stay awake till the end of the show, and through that I learnt"the power of humor". I listen keenly whenever you talk because I knew I was going to learn a new thing. I discovered that fire in you so I decided to trace that fire through the smoke.

Fast forward to #TheJamSession. First time I discovered you're behind it, I got addicted to it till this day. Not just you but it seems all callers on the show got infected with intelligence.
  • Ugo
  • Father Moses
  • Dike
  • Prisca
  • Et'al
  • And myself of course
The way you divided it into sections makes it more appealing and every episode is a bomb!
  • The scope
  • Words from my father
  • The Bible stories
  • New musics
The manner with which you play musics "interstitially" Lol, the chuckle sound on funny punch-lines, the "sharrap!" Sound, the movie excerpts, the comedies (like that of wacky Wednesday's "my wife no gree give me food chop" Lol), the throwback Thursday, spoken words and all the ingredients not forgetting your outro "smoke has left the building" Lol.
It is motivation themed. It will shock you to know that you're a doctor, yes doctor smoke! At least I was once your patient (depressed) and I got healed at your clinic (#JamSession).

I have for a long time looked for a way to let you know how good you are, but up till now, you boxed your contact. Not even Twitter handle and that was quite unfair.

I cried the day you got emotional on air, I didn't know what happened exactly but I guess it was.. *DON'T READ THIS PART OUT* .."your colleagues were jealous of you". I guessed so because I could remember vividly you said, "I don't usually do this, but I put in a lot of effort into this. I had to listen and edit all musics I'll play in each episode. I verify news, I stay online to get all gist, I do research and all this just to make this show good" and you were crying live on radio, I sensed that from your tone.

I cried too but as usual it was an inspiration to me. I learnt how hard I'm supposed to work, and that no matter how hard I work or perfect I try to be, critics will always do their thing.

The "you as the only son" yet not spoilt Lol. How your father made your elder sister become an expert in mathematics taught me something about forced teaching method as an educationist. You must be shocked how I remembered all these? I remember more than these but my fingers are weak.

Keep doing your thing bro, you inspire many other people more than me - surely. The fact that only a circle of people call on your show doesn't mean it's limited, BILLIONS GAT YOUR BACK!!

CONCLUSIONS: This is to serve as a motivation, not just to S.M.O.K.E but to all you hustlers out there. Who put in your best in what you do but sometimes it seems your efforts ain't appreciated.
The world is seeing you, never you be discouraged - many look up to you.
I once started a music blog, run it for couple of months and then had to shut it down because I'd thought I wasn't getting enough traffic (probably due to high competition in that niche) not knowing I was wrong.
Months after it went down, I noticed I had handful of natural backlinks, photo credits and mentions from top blogs in the world, which of course I never bothered to check then which would have motivated me. One of the most shocking discovery I've made.
 Most positive guys lack optimism, and that was how "good guy gone bad" slang came into existence. 
Stay positive, be optimistic, loyal and faithful. Las las we go dey alright!

Ps: I also listen to Sundays' Rep your hood. And it's quite educative.

From Blogger Chinazo Ukazu Victor.


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