Is the plan that Tinubu gave you still in place? - Toyin Abraham rebuffs a woman who questions her

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Toyin Abraham has blocked a lady on social media after she was criticized being a supporter of the Tinubu administration.

During the 2023 presidential elections, Toyin Abraham was a firm supporter of President Bola Tinubu and aided his campaign.

A lady, identified as @Nwaadaz on the X platform, asked the actress if she still has the strategy that President Tinubu shared with her during his campaign.

She went on to blame the filmmaker for being one of the persons who caused Nigeria’s current predicament.

She wrote: 
“Hello @toyin_abraham1 do you still have the strategy that Tinubu shared to you during campaign,? God punish you for being part of the people that put us in this problem.”
Toyin Abraham blocked her on X a few hours after she shared the post.

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