Download Sermon: Understanding The Secret Place With Apostle Ezekiel Jegede [AUDIO]

The secret place is a portal of engagement (spiritual engagement that builds you into, admit you and sustain you) where a man can live in habitually and inturn, work in the advantage of the immortal God [John 1:51]

A secret place is not built to be a place of visit Continually, but a realm that can inhabit a man as he continually chooses to dwell there.

The secret place is not found on the surface engagement.

Rest means ur allocation being made clear.

The secret place is not a man zone l, but God zone.

Your level of hunger is tested in the engagement in the secret place.

The word for trusting into the secret place is Divine partnership.

There is always a spiritual force that can keep a man in the secret place, and this force is a promise for a true God Seeker.

You will have to understand the power in the name almighty, to understand the power of the partnership through fellowship.

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