Deborah' Death: Richard Chibo Calls Reno Omokri Wolve In Sheep Clothing (Full Details)

Facebook Frequent poster/Bloger Richard, on his recent post mentioned that the popular Nigeria internet writer/supposed pastor Reno Omokri is A Wolve Understand sheep clothing. Referring to his actions after the death of late Ms.Deborah, the Christian girl in Sokoto couple of days ago.

He Wrote:

The gruesome murder of Deborah the Christian girl in Sokoto couple of days ago, really exposed a whole lot of wolves in sheep clothing in Nigeria and diaspora. I would have classified her a Sacrificial Lamb but she isn't because before this year runs out, more people will be k!lled in the same manner and nothing will be done about it. If you ask me, she died for nothing.

Talking about wolves in sheep clothing in Nigeria and diaspora, Reno Omokri is one of them. This young man, a supposed pastor, was literally defending the killers of the poor girl.

Some Nigerians were like "Reno we are disappointed in you" yen yen yen. Are you surprise? Any man who is affiliated with/to a politician, cannot be honest or stand for truth always. Reno is Atiku's puppet everyone knows. Atiku made a post condemning the senseless killing of the innocent girl; deleted it afterwards, denied and apologize to his tribe men to protect his political ambition and interest.

Reno of all people would have written 100 pages of article if it were Buhari or Tinubu. But guess what? He never said a word till this moment.

See screenshot below:

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