7 Secrets On How To Know Whether Your Boyfriend Is Going To Marry You

There are certain situations some women become anxious in a relationship because they want to know whether their boyfriend is going to marry them.

Hence, We got our experts to reveal the secret hints that your man (he)wants to marry you.

Read these signs carefully and make them your best friend. These sure signs will help you detect the time waster from afar.

1. He entrusts you with his life:

This is not to say if your guy is not telling you things, he is not ready to get married. One thing you have to understand is that trust is earned. A guy who wants to get married to you, will eventually open up to you, when he finds out you are genuinely concerned about his welfare. We call it wife material. When a guy finds his “wife material” he starts asking for your opinion on everything, he opens his inner thoughts, fears and deep feelings. He practically shares his life with you. That does not mean he is not ready for marriage if he is not doing all this now. It is a gradual process. Give him time, and give him that motherly love and care without judging him.

2. He helps you become better:

A guy who is ready to get married to a woman, genuinely wants her to make progress. Guys want their women to rep them in a good way, so they want to help their women become better. He always wants to know about your career, job, hobby or craft. Does he proffer solutions to challenges that seem to weigh you down? Now I do not mean being possessive, judgemental and demeaning.

3. He wants you:

Guys get emotional and soft when they have found the woman they want to spend their lives with. They are not scared to let you know how they feel. He is not ashamed to tell you how much you mean to him. He is always telling you how special you are to him.

4. Family links:

If your guy wants you to meet his family, be around him at family events, meet his siblings and people he loves, he really wants to settle down with you. He has seen you as a member of his family.

5. He says it:

If your guy asks you how you want your dream wedding to be , your preferred wedding colours, ring size or likes to raise some important aspect of the wedding he is particular about, then he is definitely planning to settle down with you.

6. He Really Enjoys Your Company and Seeks It:

A good sign that he wants to marry you is if he always keeps coming back to your company for more. When he keeps investing in you and the relationship by making sure you are happy, even when you are hard to deal with at times.

7. He Respects Your Time and Commits to Your Needs:

If he makes plans with you and then cancels them all the time, then he doesn’t really want to be with you. If he always choosing spending time with anyone else but you, then girl, what are you even there for?

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