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Looking for a way to make money on-line, well search no more because you have landed on the right blog of reviews. The fact is that you can make money through your smart phone while sitting at home. Trust me,its actually real (No Doubt).

There are so many ways to make money online, in the last few years, there has been lost of platforms that help you to make money online from the comfort of your home.

Actually, in this ZAPPOS APP review, I am going to be writing about all you need know about this platform. In other words, I will discus the following:

 ✔Is ZAPPOS APP legit or scam

✔ZAPPOS APP membership level

 ✔ZAPPOS APP Registration 

 ✔ZAPPOS APP login

 ✔How To Earn On ZAPPOS APP


 ✔How To place withdraw on ZAPPOS APP 

And more……………

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Now lets start with the first pop up question


ZAPPOS APP is a very new platform, it was launched on 19th April 2021, it is far too early to determine if it is legit or scam. There has been alot of proof of payment from registered members of the platform, so I can boldly tell you that it is legit.

NOTE: There is no online business without risk, so if you do decide to invest in this platform, make sure you do so with money you can afford to lose. But 1 fact remains ZapposApp Earnings is here to stay!! 💆

The big Question rolling in your mind right now is “What IsZAPPOS APP”?

ZAPPOS APP is a subsidiary of Amazon (the ZAPPOS APP is Amazon’s official advertising and marketing platform). hence the Amazon merchant uploads the product to Zappos and the smart system automatically matches the Users Order. Through Virtual transactions, the sales of the product will increase, which will increase the sales and the reputation of the merchant. 

Hence, Zapposapp is a new e-commerce platform that helps you to make cash daily by ordering products on the platform, and also by referring your friends to the platform.

The platform has a membership system that determines how much commission you earn on your orders and also the percentage you earn on your referrals. The higher your membership level, the higher your potential earnings.

ZAPPOS APP membership level

The three levels of distribution are:

Level 1: Directly push friends who register directly through the user invitation code;

Level 2: Indirect friends registered by direct pushing friend invitation code;

Level 3: Directly push friends who have registered through the indirect push friend invitation code

Now lets analyse:

a) When the user is LV 1 level:

Earn a share as a first level: 8%;

As a secondary level: 6%;

Earn a share as a three-level: 5%;

b) When the user is LV 2 level:

Earn a share as a first level: 10%;

As a secondary level: 7%;

Earn a share as a three-level: 5%;

c) When the user is LV 3 level:

Earn a share as a first level: 12%;

As a secondary level: 8%;

Earn a share as a three-level: 5%;


To sign up on Zapposapp, follow the below instructions:

Click here, (A registration page will be open)

Input your phone number, password and input verification code.


The app will be downloaded on your phone.

Note: there might be a pop up message from your browser saying that the application might be harmful to your device (“just click OK” and download the app)

You can then login to your account.

Alternatively, if the App ask for invitation letter, just as it in the photo below, use "18872058" as the Invitation letter.


To login on Zapposapp, you will need the following:

Phone number



Before you can start making money on ZAPPOS APP,  make sure you have agreed  to their terms and condition. Now, there are 4 effective ways to make money on ZAPPOS APP, which are:

ZAPPOS ORDER PROFIT: You will be able to make money by ordering products with your recharge balance. Actually, as a newly registered ZAPPOS APP user, you will be rewarded with N1000 as your welcome bonus, which will enable you place order without even recharging the app. (although your earners wont be huge).

RECHARGE AND WITHDRAWAL: This is simply the process of adding money to your ZAPPOS APP account  in other to complete TASK or UPGRADE. So whenever you make profit, you can withdraw your money.

ZAPPOS FINANCIAL PROFIT: You make money from the money you invested on the app. Hence, you will get 30% return for 15days, 70% return for 30days, 250% return for 90days and finally 700% return for 180days.

ZAPPOS INVITATION PROFIT: Make money by inviting friends and family to join ZAPPOS APP with your unique inviting link.  This can be done easily by sharing your link on your social media platforms.

See payment Proves below:

Now with the above evidence of Payment, I can tell you that Zappos App Earnings is not a scam, its Reality!! 
Well here is a breakdown of how the earnings runs:

 ✔Finally lets discus how to withdraw your cash from the Zappos App:
Actually, withdrawing your cash from zappos app is as simple as ABCD. No stress at all. See sthe below screen shoot; 👇👇

All indication shows that Zappos Earnings is real, and affordable.... Click here to join the Earnings team...

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    1. Zappos is actually a scam for now.... But it paid a lot of people when they started


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