Top 10 trending Agbada outfit ideas for grooms-to-be in 2021

 Everyone wants to make it unique by including different types of unique things like attire, luxuries amongst others.

Usually, more attention is given to the bride’s gown than the groom’s outfit. But the groom’s wear for the day is equally important, and so much attention needs to be given to that too.

While you choose which one will fit you, the quality, style and size cannot be overlooked.

Usually, men choose Kaftan or Agbada or even wrapped Kente outfit for the traditional married.

Today, we want to get you inspired with all the stunning Agbada outfits men wear at their traditional wedding.

They either wear white apparel with a touch of their wife’s Kente or go for the colour for the occasion.

If you are a groom-to-be, here are some Agbada ideas for your big day.

Check photos below

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